The Food You Need to Bring on Your Upcoming Boat Charter

The Food You Need to Bring on Your Upcoming Boat Trip

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 22, 2021

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Meals and Snack Ideas for Your Sailing Holiday

Doesn’t food just taste better when you are enjoying yourself ? Having fun will make you hungry for sure and spending a day sailing or having a party on a boat will seriously boost your appetite and give you cravings for some delicious snacks or a top-notch sunset cruise dinner. Whether you are a meat lover, vegan or pescatarian, we will share with you some meals and snack ideas for every boat occasion. If you are planning a party on a boat, a brunch, or a romantic cruise do not underestimate the pleasure that a delicious and well-prepared meal adds to already perfect boating experience. Remember, you are on a boat trip so you have a moral obligation to enjoy yourself. Boating honor.

Food to Bring on a Boat Party

bbq on a boat

If you are preparing food for the boat party, the first kitchen rule is safety. If you are planning on making barbeque make sure to check all appliances before you use them. While you are preparing delicious burgers do not let your friends starve and have some hotdogs and veggie skewers ready to get the party started. Pick veggies that do not need to be refrigerated and use skewers to keep all tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers in place for easier dipping. Hotdogs are easy to make on a boat rental with a marine grill. Pro cooking tip: Instead of bringing a full ketchup bottle, save some packing space by using small condiment packets. And of course, don’t forget a lot of french fries that will perfectly accompany those yummy burgers.

What to Eat on a Family Boating Trip

peanut butter and jelly

Family breakfast is the most important meal of the day and everybody knows that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the cornerstone of a nutritious meal. These can be pre-made the night before and kept in a cooler box. They are a great snack because a lot of them can be made quickly and they are mess-free finger food. You cannot go wrong with chips and salsa either. A simple but classic option, ideal for munching on a family boat trip vacation. If you prefer fruit, be creative and make a refreshing and juicy fruit salad mixed with some whipped cream on top.


Food to Enjoy on a Boat Brunch

You have to be a special kind of bon vivant to appreciate the meal between breakfast and lunch. If you are a boat lover and you care for a good boating etiquette, then you need to incorporate a great brunch into your boating experience. Something delicious but easy that will go along with some specialty boat drinks that you have been mixing all day.

Whether you like Funky Monkey, Magic Sunset or some of your personal top-secret cocktail recipes, the food you’ll combine should have a light and crispy touch to go along with the scenery. We recommend some bite-sized cheese truffles rolled into chopped walnuts, or a quick snack with parsley and crumbled bacon for irresistible flavor in every bite. Or you can always make your own tasty all-purpose crackers by mixing some dough with cheese, sea salt, and sesame seed. Add herbs of your choice and some pepper and cut it into desired shapes and you will have a homemade treat for your boat brunch.

Sunset Cruise Dinner Food

What is more romantic than a sunset dinner cruise for foodies? You can hear the song of the waves, the mood is set, the sun is shining upon the ocean and it is time for some steak dinner and a glass of wine. We are thinking somewhere along the lines of top round beef steak, tenderized and marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. It’s best left overnight to soak up the flavor with some pasta salad to give that marinade a fullness in taste. Or if you prefer fish, make a tuna salad, stewed trout or any easy seafood meal of your choice. Sprinkle it with some herbs and serve it with veggies and potato salad. Risotto is the best addition to seafood. Rich and creamy, perfumed with wine and Parmesan and filled with butter for a bite after bite of creamy comfort. And do not forget a glass or two of cooled white wine that goes with any proper fish meal.

Our Top Food Tips for Your Upcoming Yacht Party

We encourage you to experiment with your food. While staying true to your taste and preferences, you can always step out of the comfort zone and test new dishes. In matters of taste, there can be no disputes.  We are here to recommend foods that you can combine and taste on every occasion and use as an addition to almost every meal. Of course, we are talking about the food that is both light and delicious as well as easy to prepare.

boat snacks

We recommend you to bring all kinds of pasta and pasta salads because carbohydrates will keep you full. Don’t forget various kinds of salsa, veggie skewers, and dips to match. Homemade muffins, crackers, and tacos are always great for a quick yet nutritious snack. You should have a hidden stash of chocolate, gummy bears, and nut mix for an energy boost if needed because boating can take a lot of energy. Try to implement lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet to refresh yourself on a hot summer day. If you are looking for perfect companions for pescatarian meal or a side dish for a juicy steak, we suggest you pack some olives, cheese and fresh lemon for a perfect cruise dinner.

Do Not Forget to Drink on Your Boat Trip

drinks on a boat

All this food talk is making you thirsty, right? Especially on a hot summer day. You will need some refreshing liquid to match your delicious meals and snacks. Like water for example. Homemade ice tea is a refreshing way to wash down your yummy snacks. If you are having some grilled burgers and hot dogs for your boat party barbecue, you will probably trade that ice tea for some cold light beer. And if you are planning a romantic sunset cruise dinner, you better know your wines. Nothing embellishes a nice steak or a stewed fish like a glass of your favorite white wine. After all, if you don’t feel like cooking, maybe you should go on a mission to find the perfect boat up bar.  Just don’t forget to save some room for the cocktails.

Food Essentials on Your Boat Charter

Foodwise, on a sailing trip, you should bring pasta, fruit, bread and some vegetables. These are the essentials. Plan your meals ahead and bring all the necessary groceries so you can store it in the fridge and cook it as the day goes by. Boat charters usually come with some standard kitchen equipment like dishes, mugs, and glasses. When it comes to kitchen appliances you should find a refrigerator and a stove with an oven to be able to prepare your meals and if you rent a fully equipped yacht, then it will probably have all the necessary amenities.

Do not forget to bring enough water. That should be half a gallon per person per day and even more in those hot summer days. Make your meals light and refreshing, and also not too demanding for preparation or digestion. Most importantly, enjoy your meal and have fun. We have some cool boating food ideas and recipes but we are looking forward to seeing your own, maybe you could share some on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, and tag us to be featured!

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