Devils Cove Boating Guide

Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis: Boater’s Guide

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July 21, 2023

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If you’re looking for a beautiful place to hang out with chill party people and blow off some steam, Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis is just the spot for you.

Where is Devil’s Cove?

You can find Devil’s Cove on the north shore of Lake Travis, north of the Hudson Bend, between Marshall’s Point and Northshore Marina at the Hollows. Follow the sound of a booming, lively party, and you’re sure to find it. 

Devil’s Cove is a party hotspot where people tie their boats together to party, drink, float, and enjoy the views of the lake. It’s common to see around 200 boats in the cove.

The cove is somewhat narrow and feels disconnected from the main section of Lake Travis, giving it an intimate and private feeling. This cozy cove is always filled with partiers, regardless of the day. If it’s warm, you’ll find other boaters partying it up in the cove.

Devils cover party

When entering the cove, check how full the lake is. If the water is low, you are very susceptible to scraping on trees, boulders, or jagged shorelines. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it’s wise to bring a professional aboard or rent a boat with a captain. Since this is a known party area, expect to get checked by the various police patrol boats or jet skis. They are present to keep you and other boaters safe, so make sure your captain stays sane and sober.

Even though the cove has trees surrounding it, the sun is still hot and relentless, especially with a bit of alcohol in your system. Wear appropriate clothing for the heat, slather on the sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

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The Best Time to Visit Devil’s Cove

The Devil’s Cove is best visited during your birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, or during the warm summer months when you’re ready to get outside on the water and be social.

If you prefer smaller crowds, go on cooler or rainier weekdays. If big friendly crowds, good music, and a lively party atmosphere are more your thing, go during the weekend, especially on holiday weekends.

After hitting up the cove, stop in at Emerald Point Bar and Grill; it’s directly across the lake on the south side. You can boat straight in, which we find super convenient. In true Austin, Texas fashion, Emerald Point Bar and Grill has fantastic live music on their stage and will keep the good party vibes going.

For our more upscale partiers, head “upstream” and check out Hudson’s Fine Hill Country Dining. If you’re here with your significant others, go for their outdoor seating. It’s intimate and romantic with thoughtful decor and hanging string lights. Live music plays every evening. Not sure what to get? Try the Elk Tenderloin.


The Best Boat Types & Rentals for Devil’s Cove

The best boats for Devil’s Cove are catamarans, pontoons, yachts, and party barges, especially those that come with a designated driver (aka, the captain). Double Decker boats with slides are always a big hit, too. If you don’t want to leave your party spot for bathroom breaks, rent a fully equipped boat.

Another great boating option is something speedy, especially if you’re not too keen on sitting still for very long. Get a boat with a captain who can pull you and your best buddies around on toys. Of course, you won’t be speeding along inside the cove, but you can always venture back inside Devil’s Cove once you’ve had your fill of speed and action.

Our nearest boat rental is right next to the cove and captained by Cody. Bring up to nine of your best friends and enjoy the cove on this 27-foot-long cruiser. It features an anchor, Bluetooth audio, a bathroom, a floating island, a cooler for your preferred party beverages, inflatable toys, a floating mat, and life jackets.

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Ready to hit up Devil’s Cove for the ultimate party experience? It’s time to book your boat and captain; you can find both of those here.

Stay safe out there. Here is the ultimate boat safety equipment checklist; read it before hitting the water.

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