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Ever Been Boating on These 5 Beautiful Lakes?

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 18, 2019

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Visit These 5 Majestic Lakes in the United States and Try Out Different Activities 

Holidays are coming close and it would be a real shame not to spend at least a day on the lake. Days on the lake can be lovely with a lot of fun on the water for you and your crew. Give it a try, rent a boat, and enjoy spending a perfect day on a lake. Enjoy an afternoon spent cruising on the tranquil waters, and check out some of the most famous inland boating destinations in the US.

Take a boat rental at Lake Tahoe, California or Lake Norman, North Carolina, for example, and experience something new. If you always thought that boat rental is only exiting at marine areas, this will change your perspective and make you repeat the lake boating experience many times more. Here are some of the U.S. lakes we recommend you visit and a few extra tips on lake boating.

Lake Tahoe, A Different Side of California Boating

If you think that a boat rental in California is all about the ocean and Pacific beaches you couldn’t be more wrong. Take a boat tour around Lake Tahoe and see another side of the sunny state. Lake Tahoe is the most considerable alpine lake in North America. Tahoe is a place of stunning scenery, and if you like photography, bring your camera and take some of the best photos you will ever have.

If you wish to spend a day sailing, enjoying the sun and the fresh mountain air, Lake Tahoe boat rental is something you shouldn’t miss doing. Here is an extra Lake Tahoe boating tip you probably didn’t know. The most dominant wind comes from the southwest and if you want to avoid the strong wind set sail to the west and south sides of the lake. Don’t forget to put your Lake Tahoe photos online and show it to the rest of the world. This place is something nobody should miss visiting.

Prepare Your Board For Lake Norman, North Carolina

Around twenty miles from Charlotte is beautiful Lake Norman. The lake area offers mild climate during the entire year, which makes this place a perfect piece of paradise for those who like water adventures. If you like water sports, here you can enjoy them to your heart’s desire.  Bring your own equipment or rent it and enjoy wakeboarding.

Take your board and start splashing at this fantastic place. Lake Norman boat rentals are a great combination of wild, stunning nature and adrenalin sports. The Lake Norman area offers many things to do on the water, rent a boat, and explore everything it has to offer. And if you decide to stay longer, don’t worry. There are several gas stops for when you need to refuel.

Lake Pleasant is More Than a Pleasant Place in Arizona

For those who enjoy powerboats, Lake Pleasant is a dream destination in Arizona. And if you are a fisherman, then you are in the right place. Lake Pleasant is the largest lake in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Yes, the lake is thirty-five miles from downtown Phoenix, although it is in Arizona. Ten thousand acres of water surface sounds promising if you decided to cast a line here.

Lake Pleasant boat rentals present a perfect opportunity for anglers to experience some trophy-size catches. Keep in mind that only sports fishing is allowed. Here you can catch largemouth bass, white bass, and channel catfish. When you want to take a fishing break, just sail around the lake. Here you can spot Bald Eagles that are nesting here, and Lake Pleasant is their home. Note that this is a family-friendly lake, and the safety policies are very strict.

Swim at Virginian Bahamas – Lake Anna

Lake Anna is one of the largest inland lakes in Virginia, and it is easily reachable from anywhere in the state. Lake Anna boat rentals are there for everybody and it’s an excellent choice for everyone to enjoy a day on the water. If you are looking for a good spot to jump in and swim, go to Lake Anna, and visit Bahamas. Yeah, we know it sounds funny.

The thing here is that across from the North Anna Power Station lies a chain of islands that locals call the Bahamas. This area is perfect for swimming or playing ball games in the water. This is a secret paradise at Lake Anna, and surely the most delightful beach view here. Other than swimming, Lake Anna has a lot to offer for nature lovers. Take some time to sail around the lake and see it’s all marvelous beauties from your boat rental.

Lake Livingston, A Texas Water Wonderland

Welcome to the third largest lake in Texas. For those who would like to have some jet-skiing on the lake, Lake Livingston is a real gem that offers plenty of action. The lake spans across thirty-nine miles, and its shoreline is more than four hundred miles long. This is Texas’ water wonderland, and it can be your perfect getaway. Getting a Lake Livingston boat rental is a great way to to visit the lake during the week, while it’s not too crowded, and take full advantage of the water.

Here you can enjoy the best jet-skiing in your lifetime, surrounded by breathtaking nature. The water in Lake Livingston is pleasant for the most part of the year. During winter the average is fifty-five degrees, in spring and fall season it’s around seventy-five degrees, and summer average is ninety-two degrees. If you take your time to chill on your boat and blend in with the scenery while enjoying the surrounding nature, you might spot some opossums, squirrels, and maybe even raccoons.

Make Lake Boating Safety a Priority

Yes, lake boating is all about enjoying sun, sailing, and watersports but there is one thing you should never forget and that is boating safety. There are some crucial things you have to keep in mind while boating, to keep you and your crew safe and sound, and not to let anything mess up your boating vacation. First of all, all states in the US require watercraft to follow some lighting rules after dark. There are specific rules for every type of vessel and what kind of lighting is required. The second thing is to take care of drowning signs, especially when boating with children who might swallow a certain amount of water that might cause drowning even a day after being in the water. The next thing is to take care of navigational hazards, especially the unexpected ones. There is more to add to this list, and we recommend you to read more about it in this handy lake boating safety guide..

Bonus Lake Boating Tips

Lake boating is excellent but it can be even better if you do some preparation before you set sail. If you are inexperienced boater, do some training beforehand, or just do it the easy way and hire a captain. The next thing is to get to know your boating gadgets – this can be lifesaving.  In the end, make sure you bring a proper first aid kit. Although we all avoid thinking about accidents, it’s better to be prepared for boating. Be ready to handle any difficulties from sunburns to injuries. Also, rely on common sense and what you have learned during your boating training. If you rent a boat with a captain they will gladly show you the ropes. Now you can get out on the lake and have some memorable time.

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