7 Top Father's Day Boating Activities for Boating Dads

7 Top Father’s Day Boating Activities for Boating Dads

Written by Boatsetter Team
June 6, 2023

A Father’s Day getaway is something the whole family can enjoy together, especially if it’s a Father’s Day getaway by boat. If you’re looking for fun Father’s Day trip ideas, then look no further than the list below. 

These seven Father’s Day boating activities are a great way to spend a day on the water with the whole family, but especially for Dad: 

  1. Fishing 
  2. BBQ on a boat 
  3. Dock-n-dine 
  4. Water sports 
  5. Cruise & hike 
  6. Family competitions on the water
  7. Local on-water events 

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1. Fishing 

Father and son fishing

Quite a few dads are big fans of fishing, ready to cast a line for just about anything that’s biting at pretty much any time of year. If your father fits that description, then you can combine a gift of fishing tackle or bait with a day spent out on the water, helping him reel in some big ones. 

Make a call to the local tackle shop to ask its experts about great fishing holes your dad might not know are nearby. A great Father’s Day getaway on the boat doesn’t have to mean going far; it can also mean going to someplace new, maybe showing Dad a new spot a mile or two from his usual favorites where he can enjoy the excitement of fishing with a whole new view. Want to make the most of your Father’s Day fishing excursion, read this!


2. BBQ on a boat

bbq on a boat

Who doesn’t love a great onboard barbecue? This is the kind of Father’s Day getaway you can make shine by preparing in advance. 

Don’t just gather all the ingredients for a great onboard barbecue; do some slicing, dicing, mixing, and blending at home to get everything ready for an easy afternoon of grilling out on the boat. 

Tell Dad to sit back and relax while you fire up the onboard barbecue and make his favorite dry-rub steak sandwich or spicy fish tacos. And, of course, have his go-to cold beverages chilled in the boat’s cooler so he can sip and smile while watching you do all the work at the grill.


3. Dock-n-dine


Are you bad at barbecuing? No worries— there are plenty of dock-and-dine boat trips to be had anywhere you might be planning a Father’s Day getaway on the boat. 

These places can be packed on holiday weekends, so make a reservation early for a slip and a table, preferably with a fantastic waterfront view. Look for restaurants that entertain, too; some dock-n-dine hot spots have lunchtime and dinnertime live music to go along with the food and drink specials. 

And, think about restaurants that also have gift shops. A nice memory of the day for Dad could be the gift of a restaurant T-shirt or hat.


4. Water sports

fathersday water sports

Does your dad still have what it takes to get into the water behind the boat and grab a tow rope? If yes, then a great Father’s Day getaway idea is an afternoon of tow-sports fun. Maybe add a new tow toy to the mix as your gift to him, depending on what your father enjoys the most. 

Wakeboarding can be a big hit for more active dads, while inflatables that let the rider kick back and relax are better for fathers who prefer to chill. 

Is the tow rope itself still in good shape, or might a new one be a good gift, maybe along with a pair of watersports gloves to make hanging onto the rope a bit easier? 


5. Cruise & hike

Cruise and hike for fathers day

Get the best of both land and sea—our cruise and hike idea combines the fun of being out on the water with a stop on shore for a fun activity. (Think of it as a bit of surf-and-turf for the soul.) Some dads love getting off the boat for a walk along the beach or the waterside trails. 

For these kinds of dads, a great Father’s Day gift idea might be a new pair of hiking shoes, water shoes, or protective gear like a hat, along with maps to local trails that are easily accessible after tying up or anchoring the boat. 

If there’s a park where Dad likes to go cruising and hiking, consider paying in advance for the annual entry and dockage fees as a gift.


6. Family competitions on the water 

Tying a boat to a cleat.

If you have the kind of father who will compete for just about anything, then you can lean into that love of battle by creating a Father’s Day getaway filled with family competition. 

Grab a line on the boat and see who can tie a knot or loop a cleat the fastest. 

See whose mind is the quickest about plotting a course to a nearby waypoint without using any electronic devices. Or hop in the water for a few laps around the boat, swimming as fast as you can against good ol’ Dad. 

There are so many ways to get creative with this Father’s Day idea, you might even establish a new tradition of the On Board Father’s Day Olympics. On your marks. Get set. Go!


7. Local on-water events

on water events

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 18. That’s the height of summer, which means it’s also the height of festival and event season pretty much everywhere in the country. 

No matter where you choose to spend Father’s Day on the water with Dad, there’s likely to be a concert, car show, food festival, or other event happening pretty close by. 

Grab some tickets as a gift, and make the local event the grand finale of a Father’s Day getaway on the water. (And be sure to remind Dad that when you attend a local event by boat, he doesn’t have to pay the usual fee for parking the car!) 


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