6 Tips to Become a Top Boatsetter Owner

Written by Mariah Hoefle
June 5, 2019

Last Updated on September 10, 2021 by Boatsetter Team

Want to be at the Top of Our Fleet? Here’s How!

Our main objective is to help YOU as a boat owner understand what it takes to be the best owners on the site and optimize your rental rate. The search score is a numeric figure which represents your placement on the search pages when a client looks for boats in your district. The higher your search score means a higher position in our search results!

Ultimately, your goal should be to appear on the first page since your boat will get more views and higher chances of being rented out. By following these tips below you will be able to increase your search score.

Response Rate

This is a percentage based upon the owner’s average response rate. The amount of time you take respond to renters affects your search score. Always make sure to respond to renters as soon as possible even though you will not be able to accommodate the trip. Unresponsive owners will never hold a spot in the first pages of search.

response rate = # of booking requests with owner response / total # of booking requests

Tip! Download our owner app to receive the messages directly in your pocket!

Repeat Rental Rate

This is a percentage based on the number of renters that have 2 or more bookings with the boat. Always aim for customer loyalty – returning clients will always speak highly of you and probably recommend you to friends and family.

repeat rental rate = # of renters with 2+ bookings for a given boat / total # of unique renters for a given boat

Tip! Reach out to previous bookers before a sunny weekend with availabilities, and get them to book again!

Instant Book

This feature allows renters to skip the pre-approval state and book the boat instantly without having to request permission to the boat owner. Owners who have instant book activated will always have a higher search score. Having this feature turned on definitely gives you an advantage over other boat owners on the site.

Tip! Instant book is only available for owners who have completed 5+ rentals, but once it is available, better turn it on 😉

Win Rate

The win rate is the total number of approved booking opportunities / total number of booking opportunities. This component is one of the main features that is used when formulating a boats search score.

Tip! Make special offers


This is a percentage based upon a boat’s renter reviews. It is key to encourage your renters on leaving a review after the trip is concluded – more positive reviews translates to a higher search score.

review weight = average review score / total number of reviews

Tip! If a renter didn’t write a review, chasing after them is for your own benefit. 

And that about sums it up. If you follow these important tips you’ll be a top Boatsetter owner in no time!

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