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5 Things Football and Fishing Have In Common

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 27, 2017

Last Updated on September 7, 2021 by Boatsetter Team

Football players have always been known as expert fishermen! Um, well maybe not so much…but football and fishing might just have a lot more in common than you might think.

For one thing, both football and fishing require bucket loads of dedication, skill, and endurance. And on occasion, fishermen have been known to trash talk and even tackle each other over who made the bigger catch. That’s because sometimes the person who thinks they made the bigger catch needs a timeout. (Especially when said person refuses to recognize that video evidence proves otherwise. That’s right—let’s just get this out of the way now. Where’s that replay?)

Top 5 ways Football and Fishing are more alike than you might think!

Home Field Advantage: You know your home waters just as well as the Cowboys know their home field. And your waters deliver! Why wait for that once a year super special fishing charter with all your friends back home, when you can get out in your own backyard week after week? Sure, that special trip will be touchdown-dance-in-the-end-zone kind of special! But it doesn’t have to be the only time you get to play.

Run Out the Clock: Just because it’s getting dark out doesn’t mean it’s time to go home. That last hour can offer prime-time fishing. When it comes to football and fishing, you’re have to be in it to win it! You don’t rush home after the first mosquito bite. That’s why you prepare and bring bug spray.

Inch by Inch: Both football players and experienced anglers know the difference a single inch can make. One inch to the right and you would’ve cleared that tree. Or one more inch, and you’d be within legal size regulations. Just like in football, anglers live by the power of the inch. Staying on top of your game means obeying the rules and regulations that govern the waters you fish in. Fishing charters are familiar with state and federal regulations as they apply to all catches, and will help you ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied.

Audibilize It: Sometimes you have to change things up at the scrimmage line. What worked for one fish or in one specific area may not work in another. The patterns that worked in the heat may prove ineffective in the wind. Football players know to adjust their game and adapt to outside conditions. Fishermen have to be just as willing to change things up to ensure success. Whether you are into football and fishing, you have to adjust your patterns throughout the day to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

It’s All In The Catch, er Cast: As any wide receiver can tell you practice makes perfect. And nobody wants to be the guy who fumbles the ball in the end zone. Do you practice your cast, or let the fish of a lifetime get away because you weren’t prepared? If your cast isn’t working for you, practice until you get it right. Ask a friend on your fishing charter for tips. And then practice like Jarvis Landry (Go Dolphins!) until you nail it.

Snorkel – Go below the surface. Snorkeling is one of the most engaging ways to enjoy the water. Explore underwater wrecks and reefs and discover corals, sea creatures, plants and other organisms. Snorkeling offers a fun and relaxing way to spend your Sunday without a single person yelling “Touchdown!”

Party under the Stars – If you’re looking for a way to really connect with your friends that doesn’t involve huddling around the television, set sail and spend the night (or the weekend) on your boat rental. Many rentals are equipped with spacious cabins that are ideal for entertaining. Get your beach-boho vibe on—find a coast and roast marshmallows on the shore. Then climb aboard your boat rental for a fun-filled night under the stars. Of course, if you really have to compromise, there are worst ways to spend a Sunday than watching the game on the flat screen of your mega yacht. #GoDolphins!

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Check out our fishing charter options today and get ready to hook the catch of your life (no replay required)!

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