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Can You Say Girls’ Weekend? Your Boat Rental Awaits!

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 4, 2018

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A Bachelorette Party With a Twist

If you’re coming close to that special day when you will say yes to the love of your life, there is one more important milestone that must take place beforehand and that’s your bachelorette party. If you can say yes to the dress, you can say a big yes to the girl’s weekend, because your yacht rental awaits you. All those wild parties are becoming old news and you should gift yourself and to your besties a weekend to remember, somewhere out in the open sea. Admit that this idea of a private boat party tickled your imagination, but don’t worry, we are here to help you with the organization. Here’s a guide on how to rent a boat, where to start, and what to do.

How to Rent a Yacht?

This one’s easy, however, there are a few things to remember before you contact a boat owner. First things first, you’ll want to decide on the number of your guests and then find the proper boat. Depending on how big your party is, you’ll need to choose the specific boat for a comfortable and safe trip. You should also decide on the boating location for your unforgettable weekend, maybe you want to travel locally, or have an exotic weekend getaway. Don’t forget about the boat crew. You really should hire a boat captain so that you can relax and enjoy your party while the boat is in their capable hands. After you’ve decided about those first few points, you can start planning your trip.

Where to Go with Your Boat Rental?

The possibilities are endless. You can choose some locations on the Mediterranean Sea for a fresh experience, some of the best snorkeling locations in Australia or even a bit colder but magical surroundings up north. Just in case, we have prepared our top picks for the best yacht bachelorette party ever.

Sailboat Rentals on the Mediterranean

Rent a yacht in Italy, the land of wine, good food, and beautiful beaches. There are many reasons why you will never forget this trip. The coast of Italy is beautiful and there are many white sandy beaches and colorful villages hanging on the edge of the cliffs, which provides a perfect backdrop for taking bachelorette pictures. The rocky sea bottom is filled with underwater flora and fauna that give the best opportunities for snorkeling. While you are there, you might as well hire a professional chef for the best experience of Italy on board of your bachelorette party boat rental. We recommend trying fresh local products and fish you can catch yourselves. Renting a sailboat there provides a  bohemian spirit to this experience with the sails full of salty Mediterranean breeze.

Australia’s Coral Reefs

If you and your friends share enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit, we definitely recommend snorkeling and diving among the coral reefs that you can visit with your bachelorette party boat rental in Australia. The underwater life there is like no place elsewhere. The Great Barrier reef is the biggest reef system in the world and the colors and ecosystem are just out of this world. It is a habitat for more than 1,500 fish species and many other underwater creatures, so it is like a whole world on its own. Besides the coral reefs, Australia has a significant shark population which you can observe from the safety of your boat. While we are at it, there are plenty of marine life encounters in Australia you can enjoy with your girlfriends.

Canada’s Breathtaking Nature

Not so far from the United States, our lovely neighbor Canada is mesmerizing with its green scenery and cold, calm sea. If you are up for something different yet stunning, Canada’s shores can offer you a peaceful sailing and magnificent nature sceneries along its coast. The perfect way to warm up during a cold night is to organize an indoor party with a lot of mulled wine and the freshest fish dishes. The best way to enjoy chartering a boat in Canada is to sail in its bays where you can get a bit of both the sea and the shore, all bundled into one beautiful sunset picture.

What to Do on a Boat?

You can organize a lot of activities for this particular bachelorette party boat rental on or around a boat. Keep in mind that the mobility that a boat rental offers is a big plus. One day you can visit the Bahamas and charter a boat around the British Virgin Islands the next. You might want to enjoy peaceful sightseeing and sailing, explore the wonders of international cuisine with boat-up bars or take a more active approach with water sports and diving. When you charter a boat with a captain, you can enjoy the party vacation to the fullest.

Go Below, Snorkeling is a Lot of Fun

One thing you shouldn’t skip on this party-packed girl trip is to go snorkeling with a boat rental. Diving requires a bit of training, but snorkeling is meant for everyone with or without experience who wants to meet the magical underwater world. Depending on your location you can discover the amazing shallow snorkeling sites or just float in clear waters while observing the sea life in all its beauty.

Organize a Full-On Girl’s Retreat on a Boat

Just imagine being on board with your besties, sipping on cocktails, having spa treatments, and enjoying views at sea and onshore. By renting a sailboat you can have all that, and more. Your bachelorette party is going to be something else indeed, something that you’ll all remember as the best retreat you’ve ever had. It is not the arrangements that are the most important, it is the memories you make together and this memory will genuinely be one of a kind. Sail next to Monaco, Nice, and Santorini and have a private night of clubbing on a boat rental with your crew, far away from the bustling crowds.

Organize Nights of Local Cuisine

While you are traveling on your rented yacht, there is a possibility of hiring a private chef, who can tutor you in local cuisine. You can even organize your trip around that theme, and learn how to cook the food you like the most, prepared by the local masters. If, however, you just want to relax on your well-earned mini-vacation party, you can enjoy the food prepared by professional chefs. We recommend that you pass the time with hilariously sizzling bachelorette party games.

Go Wild With Water Sports

For all of you adrenaline-junky girls out there, why not try yacht rental extreme water sports? You have many options for indulging in fun and games on the rental boats. You can go water skiing, surfing , and jet skiing if you rent a yacht that comes fully equipped with these amenities. You can even organize a bit of friendly competition among yourselves. What a better way to spend your bachelorette party than to go wild with water sports?

Split The Bill Among Yourselves

Now, if all this might seem a little bit out of your reach, there’s a solution. If you have a lot of plans, but not enough resources, you can plan this trip together with your friends. There is always the possibility of splitting the bill with them. After all, what better wedding gift is there than an active and exotic boat trip.

These are just some of the ideas on where to go and what to do with a boat rental. We are sure that you might have many others because the oceans are vast and the possibilities are endless. Why don’t you bring something new to the table of your bachelorette party, something that will forever change the perspective for your guests? In the end, you are the captain of this party ship and the sea is yours for the taking.

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