5 Dream Boating Experiences in Honolulu, Hawaii

Written by Mariah Hoefle
December 20, 2018

Hawaii is one of the most remote places on the planet. Right in the middle of the North Pacific, the islands are about 2,000 miles away from the nearest continent. However, due to the fact that is is in such a strategic location, the sailors of the world tend to make a stop at one of the islands. The marinas in Hawaii are filled with boats from all over the world, and Honolulu is no exception.

So, what about those sailors that don’t want to just pass through? Are there any experiences in Honolulu waiting for them? Batten down the hatches because these Hawaiian adventures will blow you away!

Ala Wai Yacht Harbor

You can’t sail around Honolulu without making a stop at Ala Wai, which is right next to Waikiki, the world-famous destination. The marina has enough slips to hold nearly 700 boats and contains two yacht clubs.

Waikiki is popular among the surfing crowd, and you will find a number of people catching the waves any day of the week. You will also find restaurants, bars, designer shopping experiences, and even hula shows dotting the shoreline.


Kaneohe Bay Sandbar

This little raised strip sits in the middle of the bay. At high tide, the water is about waist deep, but at low tide, a little beach appears right in the middle of the bay. It is a popular destination for anyone with a way to get there!

The sail to the sandbar takes only a few minutes, and you will see where you should stop and drop anchor as there will likely already be a line of boats there before you. Hawaiians and tourists come here to play in the sand and party! There are rumors that hammerhead sharks frequent the waters, but that just adds to the excitement.


Waikiki Tradewind Sail

Catch the tradewinds and enjoy the views of Waikiki beach. Spend an hour or two sailing down the coast enjoying the wind in your hair and the spray of the waves. The spectacular views of the city of Honolulu paired with the sights of Waikiki Beach are enough to keep you out on the water for the entire day.

Honolulu is not only the capital city of Hawaii, but it is also the biggest city. The skyline will amaze you as you view it from the decks of your boat. Take the cruise in the evening, and you can enjoy the twinkling city lights.


Twin Islands or Na Mokulua

Head off the coast of Oahu to “The Mokes” or “The Twins.” These two little islets are less than a mile from Lanikai and are close enough that many people paddle kayaks over to them. They are the perfect place to enjoy a picnic or a serene walk. The smaller island, Moka Iki, is not allowed to be explored. However, the larger island is okay to check out.


Popoia Island

Popoia Island is also called Flat island, and it is just a short distance away from Kailua Beach. It is only about 4 miles long, and it is a favorite spot for Oahu’s kayakers and surfers. Many Hawaiians make their way to Popoia because of the excellent fishing and windsurfing.

The island is a sanctuary for seabirds, and it is the home of some 3,000 wedge-tailed shearwaters. It is advised that you walk carefully when on the island so as not to disturb any eggs.

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