How Smart Boat Owners Can Offset Boat Ownership Cost

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 6, 2017

It is a fairly well-known fact that boating, while enjoyable and rewarding, is an expensive hobby and lifestyle to maintain. Not only do you initially shell out a pretty hefty penny to purchase the boat, but there’s that ongoing expense of insurance, yearly maintenance and slip or storage yard fees. Whether it’s a concept like boat renting or a complete change in career, boat owners have some new opportunities that can help to offset the cost of owning a boat.

Peer-to-peer boat rental
Peer-to-peer boat rental is a concept similar to the ride sharing of Ridefinders or the home sharing of Airbnb. Private boat owners list their boat with a boat sharing site such as Boatsetter, and a private individual rents the boat for the day, weekend or longer.

Potential boat renters are pre-screened, and the boat owner has the final say on whether they can or cannot rent the boat. The owner can even meet the renter ahead of time to answer questions or go over any specifics about the boat.

In addition to making some extra cash, the boat gets used rather than depreciating in a slip or storage yard. Peer-to-peer boat rental is a great idea for somebody that can’t use their boat as often as they would like to use it.

Change careers
If you’re a diehard boater, you probably enjoy introducing others to the love of the water and the boating lifestyle. You can turn this enjoyable hobby into an everyday occurrence by becoming a charter boat captain.

Licensed and certified charter boat captains take groups out on fishing excursions, sightseeing tours, diving and snorkeling trips, dinner cruises and watersport adventures such as waterskiing, tubing and wakeboarding. As a charter boat captain, you can introduce travelers to the natural attractions and marine wildlife in the area. Eco tours by boat are a particularly popular activity in beach destinations such as South Florida and the Keys where dolphins, manatees and seabirds are abundant.

By implementing a few of these new opportunities to offset costs, a boat owner can enjoy and afford the boat of their dreams.

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