How To Host The Perfect Memorial Service on a Boat

Written by Boatsetter Team
May 14, 2018

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Planning a funeral and memorial service is never an enjoyable time and many people do not get too excited about it. Hosting a memorial service on the water can add a touch of brightness to an otherwise somber and sad situation. There is no better way to celebrate one’s life than to hold their memorial service on a boat. A boat rental is available for funeral planners in which they can host a funeral or memorial service on. This is a creative, individualized, and unique way to bring everyone together and remember the one who was so deeply loved and cared for.

A life celebration on the water will bring a breath of fresh air to the service. Many times, having a traditional funeral within a funeral home only makes the event that much more difficult to handle. Renting a boat for the memorial service of a loved one is a special way to celebrate their life. When you rent a boat for a memorial service, sprinkling the ashes into the open ocean is a great way to release love back into nature.

Some things to consider when hosting the perfect on-water memorial service/funeral are:

  • Deciding a theme
  • Selecting a date
  • Choosing a location to embark from
  • Writing the obituary
  • Choosing a leader for the service
  • Coordinating music, readings, closing words, and candle lighting

Funerals are often portrayed as sad and somewhat depressing times. Although of course, missing the one who has passed is never easy, funerals can also be seen as a celebration of one’s life. The funeral industry has evolved in recent years, turning a usually somber-associated event into a celebration of the life of the deceased.

Family, friends, and visitors should be encouraged by the funeral coordinator to bring photos and memorabilia onto the boat. This will add a touch of personalization to the funeral and will be a conversation starter amongst attendees, cultivating conversations and reliving good times and memories.

When the boat comes back to shore, invite all the guests out for snacks back at your home or at a local nearby restaurant. Everyone will be anxious to chat with one another and move past the sadness that evolved throughout the funeral. Celebrating the life of a loved one through snacks and drinks is a way to take the ease off of a terrible thing.
Having a memorial service upon a vessel is a great way to memorate the one who has passed, especially if they had a true love of the ocean and being on the water. Do something different when it comes to planning a memorial service, and decide to host it on a rental boat. Your attendees will find it refreshing to attend this service on something that is differentiated from the norm. Check out the fleet of vessels available and start planning a memorial service that won’t be forgotten. Boat rentals are also available for many other celebrations, outings, and weekend getaways. Book yours today!

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