how to rent a yacht

How to Rent a Yacht

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 9, 2021

Yachting truly is one of the greatest boating experiences that there is. Nothing speaks of elegance and class quite as a yacht does. These boats tend to have plenty of space onboard for partying, chilling out, and trips over several days. At Boatsetter, we have hundreds of various yacht rentals all over the country and overseas for you to choose from to make your dreams of adventure come to life!

How Do Yacht Rentals Work?

Boatsetter uses a unique peer-to-peer rental system to put customers in touch with the owners making renting a yacht easier than ever. When you book a yacht rental with us the direct contract with the owner makes the whole thing a lot more straightforward. You can ask the owner to help you tailor your yachting adventure to the one that you wish for. Many of our owners and captains are willing to listen to reasonable adjustments to your trip as well as some extras if they can obtain them. With such a huge array of yachting experiences available, the possibilities are pretty much endless. 

Where Can I Find a Yacht Rental?

On our easy-to-use booking system, type in the location that you wish to go yachting in, or fill out the form on this page, and a member of our team will help you plan your trip. 

Some of our most popular destinations include Florida, The Gulf of Mexico, and California. The weather in these areas is wonderful year-round, and the places you can visit are mesmerizing. So, think of your dream yacht spot, key it in and browse through our wide range of great yachting experiences. You can customize your search even further, by price, the option of a captain, and size. 

Why Should I Rent a Yacht? 

You may be wondering why you should take out a yacht ahead of the other types of boat rentals that are available. This depends on what you want to experience when you’re on the water. Yachts are great for social activities, throwing huge parties, and going on that perfect tropical vacation. So, if you want to do any of these things, it’s time to start thinking hard and reading about the best kind of yacht rental for you. 

What Kind of Yacht Should I Rent?

what is a catamaran

There are various types of yachts out there that come with various sizes and price tags. Yachts tend to be larger than your standard boat rental and are primarily for social activities. Smaller yachts begin at around 34 feet long but can stretch to over 200 feet for some of the huge models. This comes down to how much you wish to spend on a yacht as there is a huge range in the price difference between them. A smaller yacht shall start at around $1000 for a day, while larger ones can go to over $20,000. 

The main reason for the price difference is the additions that you can have onboard them. Although they tend to be very pleasant onboard, smaller yachts don’t tend to be overly extravagant. They perhaps come with a captain, or it may be up to you to sail it. These types of yachts are perfect for a day of sailing. They may have some bedrooms as part of the boat so that you can turn your trip into a multi-night adventure. 

As part of the lower price range of yachts are sailing yachts. Instead of being powered by an engine, these use sails to bring themselves forward. If you are experienced using them, then we recommend that you take one without a captain. They are terrific fun to learn, so if you don’t know how to sail one, then we recommend taking some sailing lessons. If you wish to be taken out on one, then see our options for including a captain to take you out. These are truly some of the best yachting experiences, and there is nothing quite like feeling the rush of the wind blowing against your hair as you sail off into the horizon. 

Catamarans are currently one of the most popular types of yacht rentals that we have. These have big, spacious decks due to them being able to span a wide surface area due to their ability to extend beyond the two hulls placed in the water. These are great for island-hopping adventures in the Caribbean or Hawaii due to their ability to get into the shallows. Contact the captain of your catamaran rental before your trip and find out which exotic locations their yacht can take you to.

The sky truly is the limit on some of these yachts. In a literal sense, too, as some of them feature helipads, so you can touch down upon one from afar if you have your own. So if you like to live the high life, get yourself a luxury yacht

Final Verdict:

how to rent a yacht


So now you know the lowdown of what yacht rentals are all about, it’s time to start doing your location research to see which great destination suits you best. Once you’ve got an idea, search through our booking system and filter down the options on the sidebar. You are left with the ones within your price range and have everything you need on board. It’s now time to request to book it, contact the captain, sort out the finer details of your trip, and book off some vacation time for the ultimate on-water experience. When it comes to booking yacht experiences, Boatsetter has you covered.

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