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How to Use Add-ons to Help with Trip Planning

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 12, 2024

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If you’ve read our post on how to plan for a boat trip then you know how much goes into it. From browsing to booking to boating, our goal is to give you a seamless boat rental or charter experience. We’re not only thinking about how to give you the best and most unique on-water experiences, but also how to help you with trip planning. Introducing Add-ons! Add-ons’ are trip essentials that Owners offer, for an additional price, along with the boat rental. Add-ons provide an opportunity for Renters to customize their trip. Let’s explore Add-ons! 

Scroll down the boat listing to find available Add-ons

Trip essentials you may find on the Add-ons list 

For an additional price you can add-on any combination of the items below to your booking:

  • Ice
  • Cooler
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Floating mat
  • Kayak
  • Photography
  • Inflatable toy
  • Tube
  • Bring a pet

Owners are not required to offer Add-ons, and offerings (including the price) vary between boat listings. One boat listing may offer Ice, Fishing gear, and a Tube while another only offers Snorkeling gear. 

Since you have the full list of potential Add-ons you can find, spend some time thinking about which one’s are important to you. This way, when you’re browsing for boat rentals, you know exactly what to look for.

Where to find Add-ons on the boat listing

If the Owner is offering Add-ons, there will be an Add-ons section in their boat listing.  When browsing, click on a boat that interests you then scroll down to Add-ons. You’ll notice an itemized list including the price.

Trip planning with Boatsetter

Pro tip: Got questions about Add-ons? Create your free Boatsetter account to be able to send Owners questions about their boats and Add-ons. 

Take a second & explore Add-ons

Add-ons are a great trip planning resource . . .

  • You can find activities to-do on the Add-ons list ( Kayaks, Snorkeling gear, etc.)
  • Personalize your boat trip by adding on the wants of you and your crew mates. 
  • Use Add-ons like cooler (ice chest) or ice to free your hands and car space up. 
  • Bring a pet and enjoy a fun voyage with your best furry mate. (Read Tips for Boating With Cats or Boating with Dogs (6 Tips)

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