Boatsetter Owners Tips and Tricks: Improve Your Boat Listing!

Written by Mariah Hoefle
January 14, 2019

So you’ve finished your boat listing, but you’re still not sure it has what it takes to bring in the renters you’re looking for. Knowing how to properly create your rental listing is the best way to ensure success! Want to make sure you have the best advantage in showcasing your boat’s true character?

Check out Boatsetters Tips and Tricks: Improve your Boat Listing below!

Seems easy right? Let’s recap.

At least 5 High-Quality Pictures showcasing your boat’s best and most unique features! Think sunny, happy, fun…attract your renters with a great time. Be sure to place an image of the entire boat on the top left corner of the pictures page- first impressions matter!

Creative Description & Highlighted Amenities are the best way for renters to understand how and why your boat stands out among the rest. Tell them about your boat, mention any special offers or rules you have, and help them envision their day on the water!

Varied Pricing gives your renters options that allow you to take advantage of the always-changing market! Set your price for full days, half days, and utilize the calendar to set weekday pricing and earn a little extra on holidays or weekends.

And that’s it! Making your boat stand out is the #1 way to ensure success on Boatsetter. Need advice or help to determine how to improve your boat’s listing? Contact Boatsetter’s Support Team!

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