The Secret Sauce to Getting More Bookings: Be A Great Host!

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 26, 2017

Whether you are already a pro at this boat sharing “thing” or are a newbie just dipping your toes in the water, there is a not-so-secret sauce to help you get more boat rentals and, in turn, earning more income. Boat owners who take the time to do a few things right will find big success as part of the Boatsetter community. Don’t worry, we’re big time sharing!

Here are the eight tips you need to get more boat rentals as a Boatsetter boat owner!

  1. Put Your Best “Foot” Forward – Your boat’s profile is the first (and in many cases only) chance to attract boaters and get more boat rentals. A few minutes of care spent up front will help you attract more boaters as they browse the Boatsetter fleet.
    1. Images: It’s a proven fact, boats with good images generate more interest. There’s just no getting around it! The more images the better…show the interior and the exterior and any images of toys that stay onboard are also great to share.
    2. Descriptions: Pay special attention to the places where you can write a “Title” or “Bio” for your boat. The difference between: “The Perfect Boat For Snorkeling In Miami” and a blank space is big enough to get you earning more boat rental income!
    3. Amenities, add-ons and comfort features: Does your boat come with paddle boards or fishing rods? Does it have an epic sound system? Don’t leave anything out…renters are searching for that perfect boat!
  2. Zero % of Zero is Still Zero – Of course, the idea is to earn as much income with your boat but be sure to keep your price competitive so you don’t get passed by for cheaper options.
  3. Connect With Captains – It’s a good idea to include the option of having a captain onboard for boat rentals. (You may even prefer to require a captain for added peace of mind.) For renters who have no boating experience, having a pre-assigned captain for your boat will be a key factor in their boat rental choice. 
  4. Don’t Make Them Wait – Picture it: a renter spends some time searching the Boatsetter fleet and decides on your boat. Then he or she checks out your calendar to determine that your boat is available! Next, the boater touches base with his or her crew to see if they are available…finally, they submit the request to book your boat for an upcoming boat rental! The less time they have to wait for your answer, the happier they will be (and less likely to cancel for any unknown reason!) 
  5. Use a Personal Touch – Small efforts can make all the difference toward being a great boat rental host! A simple note sent through Boatsetter’s private messaging system to let the renters know that there is construction on the normal route to the marina or to just touch base and wish them a fun day out on your boat can create a strong connection! 
  6. Have a Great Boat – Okay, this may seem slightly obvious but…make sure your boat is in good working order before the rental. Nothing worse than having to tell a renter that the boat is not ready to set sail when the whole family is standing dockside! 
  7. Close it All Up Quickly – At the end of the rental, be sure to complete/sign the “CICO” also known as the Check In, Check Out Form. You or someone you choose to do this on your behalf should do this at the boat rental’s end and send back to Boatsetter asap. It ensures that your boat has been well taken care of and also gets your renters’ security deposit released promptly. 
  8. Ask for a Review – Don’t hesitate to ask your renters for a review. Chances are they will be happy to gush about their great experience and all the amazing things you’ve done to be a great host! Important tip: strike while it’s hot and the boating fun is still ripe in their memory banks!

Nice move boat owner: you’ve made a great step on your path to, what we like to call around Boatsetter, owning a better boat. If you haven’t got started yet, don’t worry it only takes a small bit of effort to get your boat’s profile up and ready to go. The result: you’ll get more boat rentals.

Then, we get to work with the heavy lifting of making you and your boat have the best insurance available, working with the top on-water service providers in case there an emergency occurs, driving qualified potential renters to your boat and providing top-notch sales and customer service support all the way! Need more tips, yes we’ve got a few more for ya.

Apply the secret sauce to your boat’s listing today!

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