Lakes in Orlando for Boating

Lakes in Orlando for Boating

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October 21, 2021

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Central Florida’s landscape is filled with many waterways, including lakes and rivers. About an hour southwest of Orlando, a small community is named after the abundance of lakes scattered throughout the community. The city of Orlando is no different and is home to many lakes that are perfect for water sports and boating.

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Lake in Orlando for Boating

  • Lake Nona
  • Spring Lake
  • Lake Woodruff
  • Lake Eola
  • Lake Holden
  • Lake Hart
  • Lake Jessamine
  • Lake Conway
  • Clear Lake
  • Lake Pickett
  • Butler Chain of Lakes
  • Turkey Lake
  • Lake Ivanhoe
  • Turkey Lake
  • Butler Chain of Lakes
  • Lake Kissimmee

What is the Cleanest Lake in Orlando, Florida?

Lake Nona is the cleanest lake in the Orlando, Florida area, offering a quiet lake to relax on and enjoy time out on the water. Many residents have boat docks in their backyards, and though boating is allowed, it is very limited to residents. 

Spring Lake is the second cleanest lake in the Orlando area and is bordered by Spring Lake Park, offering access for boats. Spring Lake is a famous lake for those looking for a peaceful setting to enjoy some fishing.

What Lakes are Best for Relaxing?

Lake Woodruff is located along the Spring Garden Run and offers many opportunities for boaters to enjoy a relaxing day out on the waters. This lake is less than four miles by boat from DeLeon Springs Park and is surrounded by natural vegetation and Florida wildlife, including manatees, alligators, and native birds.

Though motorboats, swimming, and fishing are prohibited in Lake Eola, this Downtown Orlando lake offers many opportunities to enjoy a leisurely outing. Around the lake, you’ll find swan-shaped paddle boats and gondolas, allowing for a slow, relaxing ride around this quiet lake.

It is often difficult to get a boat onto the waters of Lake Holden unless you live on the lake, and if possible, many boaters do enjoy quiet relaxing rides in this small lake. Those able to get on this lake will most likely have it to themselves.

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What Lakes are Best for Water Sports in Orlando, Florida?

In addition to being one of the cleanest lakes within the Orlando city boundaries, Lake Hart offers many excellent boating opportunities. Boaters can enjoy fishing, relaxing, and water sports on the lake. The boat dock at Moss Park is bustling and provides access to this beautiful lake.

Lake Jessamine offers those looking for a boating adventure any boat ramps providing access to the lake. Beautiful trees and calm waters surround the lake. Expert drivers can safely maneuver on this lake, even with other boaters, and enjoy a day of water sports.

Lake Conway is a popular lake, especially on the weekend, and is one of the largest lakes in Central Florida. However, the lake is so big, it hardly ever feels congested. The massive lake offers many opportunities for water sports enthusiasts, including skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding. Still, with the heavy crowds on the weekends, it may not be accessible to wakeboard or waterski. Fishing is also good on this lake, which is full of largemouth bass.

Clear Lake is the lake to be on and is a staple among those in the wakeboard culture. This lake is one of the most active lakes during the daytime, and because of its remote location, it is not recommended to be out on the lake after dark. The lake is bordered by three publicly operated parks and has a series of canals available for exploring.

Lake Pickett is a hidden gem on the easternmost edge of Orlando and offers an ideal location for wakeboarders. Any other lake cannot beat the lake’s size, depth, and wind projection in Central Florida. With few residents living directly on the lake, the only other access is through a gated boat launch. Limited access to the lake helps keep the lake uncongested, but more communities are set to start developing in the area, offering more accessible access to this amazing lake.

Part of the Butler Chain of Lakes — Pocket Lake and Lake Tibet — both have a fixed waterski slalom course. These lakes are near the southern end of the chain, and due to both lakes being well shielded from wind, they are a great place for water sports.

What Lakes are the Best for Fishing?

Turkey Lake is a fisherman’s dream lake for boating and fishing in a lake fully stocked with bass and other species. This lake is located around the corner from Universal Studios Orlando. In addition, the City of Orlando’s Bill Frederick Park has a marina where fishers can stop to pick up tackle and other fishing supplies.

bill frederick park fishing

Lake Ivanhoe is an urban lake within a historic community in the City of Orlando, where boating enthusiasts have many opportunities to get out on the water. This lake is one of Florida’s FAB 5 fishing lakes because it can consistently hold three to five-pound fish (and sometimes up to 12 pounds). In addition, this lake is one of the most sought-after game lakes and is full of largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, and chain pickerel.

The Butler Chain of Lakes is considered the best waterway in the Orlando area, offering thirteen interconnected freshwater lakes for boaters to enjoy. Each of the lakes is connected by a series of navigable canals, allowing boaters to move quickly from one lake to another. These lakes are popular among those who want to fish, and many have caught large quantities of bass. Lakes in the Butler Chain of Lakes include Lake Down, Little Lake Down, Wauseon Bay, Lake Butler, Lake Blanche, Lake Chase, Lake Louise, Lake Isleworth, Lake Tibet, Lake Sheen, Pocket Lake, Fish Lake, and an unnamed lake.

Lake Kissimmee is just east of Orlando and is very popular for those looking to enjoy a day of fishing for bluegill, largemouth bass, catfish, chain pickerel, and crappie. The lake has many boat ramps with direct access to the lake. This lake has more than 35,000 acres and is one of the best places in Central Florida to fish, relax, and see some wildlife.

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Is it Safe to Swim in Orlando Area Lakes?

swimming in Orlando lakes

Florida has many natural lakes that are home to wildlife, such as alligators and snakes. With many lakes containing muddy waters, visibility is limited, making it difficult to spot wildlife before it is too late. Most of the time, snakes and alligators tend to avoid human contact. For the most part, swimming in the Orlando area, lakes is relatively safe; however, there is still a risk of being attacked by an alligator or bitten by a snake. Therefore, it is best to never swim at night and use common sense when enjoying time on an Orlando lake.

Another risk swimmers may face when swimming in an Orlando area lake is a bug called Naegleria fowleri. These amoebae cause a severe infection called amebic meningoencephalitis. The injection travels up the nasal cavity and attacks the central nervous system, resulting in death within ten days. It is best to avoid shallow waters or stir up the sediment at the lake’s bottom. Additionally, obey all posted signs, which will warn when the water is unsafe to swim in and never swim outside assigned swimming areas.

Orlando, Florida, offers a beautiful year-round climate, making boating a popular recreational activity for visitors and residents 365 days a year.

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