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How to Write the Best Headline for Your Boatsetter Rental Listing

Written by Boatsetter Team
August 11, 2022

Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Your Boatsetter listing title (or headline) is the first thing renters see within the search results. What you write can seriously impact how many bookings you receive—and who doesn’t want more bookings? (Cha-ching!)

Writing your title makes you the captain of your listing. This is a great opportunity to showcase your boat and all its awesome features. All you need now is the right guidance to help you craft an eye-catching headline (psst! We’ve got em’ right here).

Our guidelines will teach you to write listing titles that reel in more rentals or, at the very least, more nibbles.

Boatsetter’s latest guidelines for crating headline titles go as follows:

  • Write simply
  • Avoid writing in all capital letters
  • Use your choice adjective
  • Update your listing frequently

Read the entire blog post for Pro Boatsetter Tips. Pencils sharpened? Okay, let’s begin! 

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Keep it simple

Writing simply seems easy enough but don’t underestimate this skill. Adding words as an attempt to attract renters can be very tempting. But believe it or not: adding fluff can do just the opposite; by overwhelming renters and sending them to the next boat owner.

Being as straightforward as possible at the point of your listing headline is the best way to attract as many renters as possible. Simply put: people want to know (right away) what they’re getting.

To write simple listing headlines make sure to:

  • Keep your listing title at 70 characters maximum. 
  • If you’re including things like fuel, place it at the end of the listing.
  • Highlight one feature (no more than two). 
  • Don’t use emojis.

Good Examples:

  • Easy to Drive Sandbar Pontoon
  • Boat in Style on the Pretty Lady (Gas Included)
  • Family-friendly Boat (Add-Ons Available)

Here’s a quick Pro Boatsetter Tip: Don’t be afraid of using up your character count. 

Avoid writing in all caps

We’ve all met someone who wrote their texts in caps or received a text message in caps—not only is it discouraging to read this message, but it’s also harder. You don’t want to encourage renters to skip your listing; so avoid writing your headlines in caps.

Instead, write in sentence case. Renters are more likely to stop at your listing and read what you have to offer. Plus, writing in sentence case makes you come off as friendly and approachable.

Use one adjective

Adjectives are fun descriptive words. These words will help you to paint the right picture of your boat or the experience in the mind of renters. Saying “Easy to drive” or “Cruise Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful waterways” can go a long way.

Pro Boatsetter Tip: Keep in mind that on the Boatsetter App a longer title might get cut off so make sure to put the good stuff at the beginning — like your key adjective!

The great part about adjectives is you only need to include a good one to really make your listing shine. No need to overdo it!

Here are some strong adjectives to help you describe your boat or an experience:

  • Adventurous
  • Comfortable
  • Charming
  • Crystal clear
  • Easy
  • Enchanting
  • Elegant
  • Lively
  • Modern
  • Scenic
  • Spacious

Don’t use emojis

Although emojis are a fun way to style our messages and express ourselves, they don’t do so hot as your listing title. To help you with the temptation of bedazzling your headline with emojis (and hurting your potential), we regularly audit listings to remove them.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your listing. Update your listing  using Boatsetter’s latest guidelines today!

Here are some more tips on how to improve your listing!

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