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Luxury Pontoon Boats

Written by Boatsetter Team
August 2, 2021

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Ok, so now that you are ready to hit the water. What boat should you choose? Sailing boats, yachts, or high-performance ski boats, Boatsetter has them all. Yet, one type of boat stands above all others. Ideally suited to fishing trips or relaxing family days out, yes, you guessed it: pontoon boats.

Pontoon boats come in all shapes and sizes. In days gone by, they were characterized by their spacious, square decks and leisurely cruising speeds. However, the market for pontoon boats has come leaps and bounds of late, and the level of innovation is something to behold. The only question is: which one should you pick?

As with all questions, the answer to this one is not so straightforward. There are many compelling pontoon boats on the market, which cater to a range of needs. In fact, as a customer, you have never been so spoiled. Ok, so let’s narrow things down and get started with the ultimate guide to luxury pontoon boats.

Ditch the picnic table, forget the zoo; it is time to treat yourself to an ultimate day trip. The following luxury pontoon boats define on-water decadence.

Grand Tahoe Rear Lounge

Starting at $106,600, the Grand Tahoe Rear Lounge Windshield takes a different approach with the layout featuring two full-sized electronic lounge chairs in the aft of the boat. These thrones provide a unique perspective with commanding views of the water. Flaunting a maximum of 350 HP and capable of seating 16 people comfortably, this pontoon boat is begging for a party.

On the exterior, it features heavy-duty gates, a ski tow bar, and quick-release fender holders – some desirable features indeed.

Love versatility, yet want something that packs a punch on the water? Well, the Bennington QX25 lets you have your cake and eat it. Uniquely shaped, uniquely finished, the Bennington QX25 will satisfy your senses with a visually appealing curved bow, highly polished stainless steel trim, and sleek to the touch, blemish-free composite glass skin. What a delight!

Many QX floor plans are available with open or cladded sport arches that not only give the boat an aggressive, sporty look – one that will turn heads in the port – but also provides superior towing for water sports.

Catalina Platinum Funship

Next in line is the Catalina Platinum Funship. After all, no luxury pontoon boat is complete without a funship – or a double-decker pontoon boat in plain English. If you are a more daring individual, this top platform is an ideal space to dive from and can be fitted with a water slide. Just make sure you check how deep that water is! While the madness ensues, the Catalina Platinum Funship features a grandiose table where the others can relax with a glass of vino. Plus, there is a ski tow bar for water skis, stereo system, and much more! Priced at $67,000, this boat will offer endless hours of fun.

 G3 Suncatcher Diamond Elite 326SS

Diamonds are forever. And the G3 Suncatcher Diamond Elite 326SS is a forever boat. Lavished with furniture, performance-enhancing features, and high-horsepower engines, this is a boat like no other besides all the necessary amenities. There is roomy under-deck storage for skis and all the necessary water toys, making the G3 Suncatcher Diamond Elite 326SS an exhilarating companion.

With a full-length lounge sofa topped with LED cup-holders, powerful stereo speakers, and more deck space than you can shake a stick at, this luxury pontoon boat is built for partying.

Harris Crowne SL 270

The Harris Crowne SL 270 Twin Engine is a monster. Defying the pontoon stereotype, it flaunts a smashing top speed of 60 MPH. It truly is a water rocket. Costing $93,554 and fully customizable to suit your every whim, the Harris Crowne SL 270 Twin Engine won the NMMA Innovation Award. It is expertly designed, exquisitely handcrafted by master boat builders, and fitted out with some of the most cutting-edge boating technology out there.

Premier Escalante

Premier Escalante – premier by name premier by nature. This whopper is over 31′ long and 10′ wide. And with twin 400 HP outboard engines, it was built to rule the waves. This is more power than is found on many speed boats. This pontoon has two decks, enhanced with a curved stairway and water slide for all the family to enjoy.

The second level is regal in size, measuring in at 12 feet. Plus, it features all the modern modifications you could desire.This boat includes a sink, refrigerator, changing room, and wine cooler, ready to be stocked with all of your finest. Oh, and don’t forget the very impressive sound system, lavish upholstery, and unique galley.

Manitou’s 2021 XT

Moving on, Manitou’s 2021 XT is bold. Its contemporary look redefines what a luxury pontoon boat should look like. It has everything one needs to enjoy an exceptional boating experience, including intuitive joystick controls, painted fibreglass walls, and soft vinyl seating. Right here is a high-class boating adventure in the making. This boat handles like nothing else on the water. Check it out here.

Barletta Slideout EX23Q

If it is something more revolutionary you are after, the boat worlding has never laid eyes on something quite like the Barletta Slideout EX23Q. Go big or pack up your things and go home. The Barletta Slideout EX23Q has so much space that stepping around coolers and water toys will be a distant memory. The overall length is 24,’ and the pontoon can hold 13 up to people. However, the most novel feature of this boat is that the beam is retractable and expandable, offering perfect customizability.

Its biggest form is 14′, which can conveniently be reduced to 8′ 6″. And when you have done expanding the boat to the max, the 1500 wat amp sound system will be the next thing getting ranked up.

Let’s get this party started!

Starcraft SX 25 C

One of the older pedigrees on this list, Starcraft has been a family favorite across the United States of America since 1903. And judging by the Starcraft SX 25 C, it is little wonder why. There are a thousand adjectives to describe this beauty. It has an elegant design, making a statement, full galley, and fully loaded helm console. Plus, it has an array of cutting-edge technological features, such as a fully loaded console with GPS, raised helm station, and LED color-changing lighting – make the mood suit you.

Starcraft is so confident in their craftsmanship that they have given the bot a Lifetime +6 Warranty. This is why they are an unbeatable company, towering over the competition.

Sylvan M5 LZ DC

Sexy and seductive, the Sylvan M5 LZ DC will become your new favorite boat. No ifs. No buts. Built without compromise, the luxury pontoon boat has a max horsepower of 350 HP and can carry up to 14 people. Its fuel capacity is 60 gal, offering limitless fun on the water. When you and your passengers wish to recline, it has an extended platform, rear lounge seat that conveniently transforms into a changing room at the flick of a button, and a standard galley with freshwater sink, countertop, and wine bottle holders. Find one today.

Avalon Excalibur Elite Windshield

Last but not least is the Avalon Excalibur Elite Windshield. This is a boat that has crossed oceans, set speed records, and set the bar for high-performance offshore races – and more. This model is fitted with a twin-engine model with a HP capacity that towers above all other boats on the water.

The Avalon Excalibur Elite Windshield interior emulates the tournament ski boats of old with a starboard bow bench; meanwhile, the aft portion of the boat has a corner seating area on the starboard, a refreshment center, plus a sink on the port side. In addition to this, the port side has a fiberglass console and mid-bench.

And there we have it. The complete guide to luxury pontoon boats. But remember, before you make your purchase, consider mooring costs and maintenance fees. Seldom seen but capable of stinging you where it hurts, these hidden costs are a huge concern for boat owners out there.


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