Make Your Boat Listing Shine – Let’s Talk About Pricing

Written by Kristen Rogers
May 22, 2020

Last Updated on May 19, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Now that you have expert tips on photos and how high, quality images make your listing stand out to renters, let’s talk about the importance of pricing. Boatsetter allows you to stay in command of your boat by leaving the details in your hands. With full control of your rules and pricing, you are able to set rental rates that are entirely up to you!


Pricing plays a key role in generating booking requests and is consistently a deciding factor for renters when they decide to book. Our goal in enabling experiences on the water accessible for anyone, anywhere, coincides with your ability to make boating affordable and accessible. While pricing varies depending on your boat type, amenities, age of the boat, and the market the boat is located in, we recommend keeping a couple of things in mind as you set your rental prices.

Get competitive

To get a sense of pricing in your area, we recommend doing a quick search to see how other boats are priced.  For new owners, try setting your price under market value for the first couple of rentals. Lower rates will help get a few trips under your belt as renters prefer competitive pricing.

To set pricing, navigate to your Owner Dashboard, click My Boats, select Manage Boat, and select Pricing on the left sidebar.

Take advantage of busy weekends

Did you know you have the ability to increase pricing during busy holiday weekends? When demand is up, you can change the price of a specific date or range with the use of your calendar.

Check out how fellow owner, Carlos, uses his calendar to increase pricing and set captained rentals during holiday weekends.

To increase pricing using the calendar, navigate to your Owner Dashboard, click My Boats, select Manage Boat, and select Calendar on the left sidebar. Select the date or range and double click. When the Edit Calendar pop-up appears, edit pricing and click save.

Competitive pricing aligned with your market will ensure continued success and maximum earnings throughout the season and busy weekends. For further assistance on listing prices, our expert team is available to guide you through recommendations. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions or concerns –

For more information on pricing, visit our Support Article: Setting the Booking Price.

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