Kick Off Memorial Day With A Boat Rental Experience

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 26, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to get together with family or friends, soak up some sun, and nosh on some good summer picnic food. This year, enjoy the long weekend on the water with a Memorial Day boat rental.

Choose Your Memorial Day Boat Rental and Cruising Spot

Get your boating plans in gear by deciding how you want to spend your holiday weekend. Maybe your personal bliss involves spending several hours sunning yourself on a sailboat deck, dozing in the breeze while someone else handles the sails and helm. You’d be happy going out for a day sail, but you’d also enjoy anchoring in a quiet cove during an overnight trip.

On the other hand, screaming across the waves in a go-fast powerboat might give you the adrenaline rush you crave. During a one-day trip, you can enjoy a tasty lunch at a dockside eatery and still arrive back home before sunset. You could also choose a bigger boat with sleeping accommodations, giving you the option to cruise all weekend.

Either way, you can stop dreaming and start boating by teaming up with Boatsetter, the leading boat-sharing company that helps boaters and boat owners to connect with each other. Whether you want to rent a privately owned boat in South Florida, the Great Lakes, or California or anywhere worldwide – you’ll find plenty of options available. If you’re new to boating, or just want to kick back and relax, sailboats and powerboats are available with a Coast Guard-licensed captain.

Pack Your Personal & Summer-Fun Gear

First, keep yourself comfortable by stowing seasonal clothing, sun protection gear, and insect repellent in your boating bag. Bring lots of cold drinks to keep yourself hydrated, along with some snacks to nibble on underway.

Your boat rental captain and the boat’s owner will make sure the boat has the required safety, navigation, and communications equipment. For full details, listen closely to your pre-trip briefing. For a complete list of “must have” boating gear, check out Top 10 Things to Bring on Your First Boat Rental.

Of course, your Memorial Day boat rental experience wouldn’t be complete without water sports and/or fishing gear. Whether you’re addicted to snorkeling, trolling, tubing, or wakeboarding, you can stow (or tow) your equipment for use sometime during the weekend.

Share Your Memorial Day Boat Rental

Naturally, you’ll enjoy your holiday weekend boat trip more with some congenial crewmembers. So, what are you waiting for? Browse the Boatsetter vessels near your home port or wherever the weekend takes you and nail down a boat that will allow you and your guests to cruise in comfort. Then invite everyone aboard and get your boating gear ready because your Memorial Day boat rental experience is about to begin!

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