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7 Best Boating and Nautical Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by Kim Kavin
October 4, 2022

Forget about ghosts and goblins—Halloween is a great time of year to show the boating spirit! From love boat captains to sailors, fish, and mermaids, you have a lot of options to choose from when coming up with nautical costume ideas—for women, men, and kids alike.

Here are seven of the top boating and nautical costume ideas for Halloween:

  1. Classic pirate
  2. Swashbuckling pirate
  3. Pirate wench
  4. Sailor
  5. Boat captain
  6. Scuba diver
  7. Popeye

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1. Classic Pirate

Pirate Blue Brocade Costume for Women.

Photo Courtesy of Chasing Fireflies.

Oh, the styling of a brocade coat that screams “yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum!” This women’s costume, complete with a black pirate hat and gold hoop earrings, really nails the look. And it comes with a pirate saber, just in case anyone else at the Halloween party has a few too many cups of grog and needs to be put in his place.

2. Swashbuckling Pirate

Smiffy's Pirate Halloween Costume.

Photo Courtesy of Google Shopping.

This men’s costume is officially called the Smiffy’s Pirate Deck Mate Captain Sea Ship—but you can call it the “swashbuckling pirate.” The headscarf and belt set the tone, and accessories like a sword, eye patch, and hand hook can complete the look.

3. Pirate Wench

Pirate Wench Costume.

Photo Courtesy of Google Shopping.

Somebody had to serve grog and rum to all those classic and swashbuckling pirates back in the day. This women’s costume will get you a spot behind any bar, with a corset and head tie to complete the look.

4. Sexy Sailor

Sexy Sailor Costume.

Photo Courtesy of

This Seven Seas Sailor costume is a sexy women’s take on a classy Merchant Mariner vibe, with a half-length top and thigh-high shorts that show off nearly every inch of your salty charm. The hat is borderline naughty nurse, but with an anchor decoration to make clear this look is all about the high seas.

5. Kid’s Marine Dress Blue

Kid’s Marine Dress Blue Costume.

Photo Courtesy of Fantasy Toyland.

This kid’s costume is a smart-looking getup for any child who wants to give the impression that he or she is ready to take on official duties at the helm. Just be careful with the look of authority, because little Bobby or Bonnie might decide to start giving orders.

6. Sunny Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver Costume.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon.

Learn a few factoids about Jacques Cousteau and the early days of scuba diving, and you’ll be all set to rock this men’s scuba costume that includes a pair of fins and an air tank backpack. Diving goggles complete the look and are shaped in a way that will still let you eat and drink at the neighborhood Halloween party.

7. The Most Famous Sailor of All

Popeye Costume.

Photo Courtesy of Party City.

What kind of Halloween party could be complete without a Popeye costume? This one has tattooed muscle arm slip-ons (so you can skip eating the spinach to bulk up) and is an officially licensed version of the look from the classic cartoon.

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