22 Best Boat Songs- The Ultimate Boating Party Playlist

The 22 Best Boat Songs: The Ultimate Boating Party Playlist

Boating songs really bring out the best in everyone. There is nothing like having some relaxing music in the background or even blasting from the speakers of your Boatsetter boat [...]

should i buy or rent a boat

Should I Buy or Rent a Boat?

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Boat Repair 101: How to Choose a Proper Boat Mechanic

When you decide to buy a boat, maintaining it in good condition is of the utmost importance. Too many people who seem to be enthusiastic about boating when they buy their first [...]

How to tie a bowline knot
3 Blade vs 4 Blade Propellers

3 Blade vs. 4 Blade Propellers

A nearly constant debate has been waged throughout the years between boaters and boat enthusiasts concerning the comparative benefits and drawbacks of 3 blade vs. 4 blade propellers for a [...]

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