Top 5 Nautical Ways to Spend Valentine’s Weekend

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
January 5, 2018

If you’re like us, you know how difficult making those Valentine’s plans are. Your choices might fall under an overcrowded restaurant or forgotten reservations, so we’re offering you a better solution! Skip those normal go-to plans and create lasting experiences on the water with Boatsetter this Valentine’s Day. Trust us, your special someone(s) will be floored when they hop onboard this lovely celebration. To plan the perfect day with Boatsetter, we’ve rounded up the best ways to spend the holiday:

Step 1. Know your preferred cruising companions…

Whether you’re celebrating this year’s day of love with your number one someone or spending much needed time with friends, letting the wind flow through your hair with trusted company is crucial to your Valentine’s Weekend memories. On Boatsetter, filter your search settings to show the number of people in your party and you’ll find a ride that’s perfect for your chosen crew!

Step 2. Plan a sexy schedule…

If you’re a couple that likes to catch a colorful sunrise or one that says “no way” to parting with their pillow before noon, you’re in luck!  First decide if a half-day, full-day or multi-day rental is for you.  You can then choose from boats of all types and sizes that are available in every region for whichever time of day suits you and your date best.

Step 3. Ask for tips from the man with the captain’s hat…

Can’t decide where to go or what to do while out on the water?  Feel free to reach out to your boat’s owner for advice from the lady or gent that knows best. Each owner has tips on their favorite pit stops for food, fun, and quite possibly even some romance!

Step 4. Make the little things count…

Its all in the details, folks! Spark the fire in your Valentine’s date by making sure your boat ride is complete with chocolatey sweets, champagne treats, or a customized cap for the captain of your heart.

Step 5. Capture the moment…

Everyone’s heard the saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words”…  Make sure you snap those unforgettable moments and tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show everyone how you planned the date of the decade!

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