How to Plan a Relaxing Sunset Cruise for Father’s Day

Written by Mariah Hoefle
June 10, 2020

If Dad is the kind to just kick back and relax, a sunset cruise is the perfect choice for your Father’s Day weekend activity. With great views, a delicious snack and a cold drink, an evening on the water is the most relaxing way to end your eventful weekend. Here’s a simple and easy guide to planning a relaxing sunset cruise for Dad this Father’s Day.

Choose the Best Boat Rental for your Sunset Cruise

With a variety of boats to choose from, it’s easy to book a boat now to relax on later. All that’s needed for a sunset cruise is the beautiful view and a comfortable boat to relax on. Here are a few boat types that are perfect for your Father’s Day sunset cruise.


Sailboats are a unique and fun way to enjoy the sunset. With a full 360 degree view, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset from all angles. If you don’t know how to sail a boat, consider hiring a captain so that you can really kick back and relax, or ask the captain to show you the ropes.

Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats provide plenty of space and seating for a big family to set cruise on. With the ease of driving, a pontoon boat is perfect for your family to take on their own, without a captain at the helm.


A yacht is a great choice if you plan to make your sunset cruise a more formal occasion. These boats provide plenty of space and seating so that the entire family can enjoy, even the little ones.

Bring Snacks and Drinks to Enjoy Onboard

What Snacks to Bring

Bringing some snacks onboard will add the perfect touch to the evening cruise. To ensure that you get the chance to relax with the family, consider bringing something easy and simple. Snacks like a charcuterie board, already cut fruit, or even pre-made sandwiches are great options. Don’t forget to throw in one of Dad’s favorites.

What Drinks to Bring

If you’re looking to really kick back and relax, hire a captain and throw a cooler together with some of Dad’s favorite beer or liquor. This will be the perfect touch to an eventful Father’s Day weekend.

Add a Thoughtful Touch

Planning a sunset cruise for Father’s Day is the perfect way to wrap up an eventful weekend and to make even more special, consider adding these thoughtful touches to your experience:

  • Check what time the sun is supposed to set in your location prior to booking, to ensure that you capture the best sunset while out on the water
  • Create a playlist with some of Dad’s favorite songs and play it as you cruise the open waters, that’ll mean a lot to him
  • While cruising on a boat, reminisce on the past great memories you’ve made with him, as you create even more that will last a lifetime

To start your Father’s Day sunset cruise planning, head to to book your experience.

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