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Plan now for the Perfect Memorial Day Weekend

Written by Boatsetter Team
May 18, 2020

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and we can’t help but get excited to help you plan now for the long weekend ahead. As the official start to summer, there is no better way to enjoy the holiday than getting on the water with a boat rental. Boatsetter is here to help make a memorable day on the water possible for your family or close friends.

Find Your Perfect Rental and #SeasTheDay

Everyone’s perfect Memorial Day Weekend on the water is unique to your favorite activities and the group coming aboard with you. Whether you are looking to anchor down at the sandbar with your close family and friends for the day or enjoy a relaxing cruise along your local waterways, one thing that we know for sure is that your holiday weekend will be a memorable one if you leave the shore behind and spend time out on the water.

Use our rental search tool to select the location you’re in, the number of passengers you plan to have on board, and the date you wish to get out on the water, and Boatsetter can connect you to the perfect boat rental. From sailing to day cruising to fishing the deep sea and watersports, the ability to customize your day is easy. Filter your search by boat type and desired activity. Our helpful and responsive owners will message you in advance of your excursion to ensure that everything is ready in advance for your perfect Memorial Day Weekend outing.

Kick Back, Relax and Consider a Captained Rental

A day spent on the water is best when you can truly kick back and relax. Boatsetter offers the largest database of U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captains. Request a Licensed Captain for your rental and make planning for your day out on the water even easier. A Captained rental is a great option for anyone with limited prior boating experience or those wanting to let go, relax, and enjoy their day on the water.

To add a captain on board, select “Include Captain” in your search, and all boats shown will have a captain available for your rental. All there’s left to do is choose your rental and invite your crew to begin planning with you for enjoying this holiday weekend on the water.

Book Your Experience in Advance

To ensure that you spend Memorial Day Weekend out on the water, we recommend booking in advance to secure that boat you’ve been eyeing. Demand for boating excursions fills up fast for holiday weekends, and you want to enjoy that you are not left behind on the shore.


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