Boat Christening Guide.

To You & Yours: A Boat Christening Guide

Written by Zuzana Prochazka
August 28, 2023

Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Christening a boat— much like welcoming a new spouse or child to the family— is a celebration best shared with family and friends. This is one of the happiest days in the life of any boat owner. Have cameras ready, and expect lots of smiles.

You’ve probably seen videos of boat owners making toasts and then breaking champagne bottles at the bow. This is a time-honored tradition when christening a boat, but there are ways to make the whole endeavor a lot easier and safer (for you and the boat).

Toasting on a boat.

Quick ideas to commemorate buying a new boat:

  • Host an intimate gathering on it with family and close friends
  • Take a nice picture of it for a social media post (Really think about what to write; this is an important moment!)
  • Make your first boat ride a dock ‘n’ dine experience

If you’re thinking about getting a bottle of the good old-fashioned bubbly, you might want to consider a more “standard approach.” Not sure what we mean? We’ll explain.

Using the “standard approach,” one might consider getting a pre-scored bottle of champagne. The scoring means the bottle is already on its way to being broken, so you won’t have to smash it as hard against the boat to complete the deed.

And, speaking of smashing, you’ll want to be careful with all the shards of glass that result. A good way to handle this is by having the bottle of champagne inside a nice bag when you crack it against the bow. That way, the glass shards go into the bag, and nobody ends up with a bloody foot later on.

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Celebrating on a boat.

Another tip when swinging that bottle of champagne: Aim for the cleat or bow roller (something sturdy and metal) instead of for the actual bow of the boat. That way, you won’t accidentally dent or scuff the brand-new paint or gelcoat finish.

It’s also tradition to place a branch with green leaves on the boat during the christening. Any branch will do. The branch represents good luck and safe travels. Keep the branch on board not only during the ceremony but also during your maiden voyage, and you’ll have that bit of superstition fully under control.

And remember, above all else—enjoy the day. After all, you’re welcoming a new boat to the family. What could be better?

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