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Pontoon Boat Accessories: A Complete Guide

Written by Boatsetter Team
August 6, 2021

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Pontoon boats are the perfect boat for enjoying time out on the water with your friends and family, but what types of accessories can help you maximize that time? We have carefully put together a list of must-have Pontoon Boat accessories. Enjoyable, exciting, and, at times, sensible, all are here.   

Not ready to splash out on a pontoon boat of your own? Well, with Boatsetter’s revolutionary peer-to-peer service, you can sample one for yourself without all the hassle. Besides, most of our rentals come with a range of water toys and accessories. What is not to love?

1. Inflatables 

Spend a sunny afternoon drifting on the water with an inflatable. Lilos, rubber rings, or something more substantial, there is a range of inflatable tubes for anyone and everyone. 

If you feel like something a bit more high octane than soaking up the rays beer in hand, why not complement your range of inflatables with a towable tube. All you need is a tow rope and a brave volunteer. Nowadays, most pontoon boats can pull one person quickly, while some offer something a bit more hair-raising. Just remember to be aware of other boaters and try to stay safe. 

2. Clip-on Cup Holders 

The market is replete with options for enhancing your pontoon boat with cup holders. Reasonably priced and widely available on various major online retail outlets, clip-on cup holders are a great gift option, especially since they are often highly customizable. 

Just make sure that you get one with rubberized clips. These are often far more powerful than the alternatives out there and have an impressive grip that will never slip. 

3. Water Slide

Of course, water slides. How could you forget them? Albeit a tad more expensive than the other pontoon boat accessories in this list, a water slide is a must-have. Bachelorette parties, family gatherings, or something more corporate, water slides promise a barrel of laughs for all involved. In terms of the hours to fun ratio, you would be hard-pressed to beat a water slide. 

Ask any pontoon boater out there, and you will get the same answer: water slides are the business. With one attached to your boat, you will be the envy of every other boater on the water, and you will have a long list of friends and family who want to join you on your days out. 

4. Pontoon Boat LED Light Kit 

Available in a range of colors, to suit all manner of moods, LED lights will render your pontoon boat the coolest vessel on the water. Typically having a universal fit and wiring setup for any size of pontoon boats, most LED lights these days use a low power consumption, meaning they can be set all night long. 

Some boast over 300 LED lights. Indeed, they will make your boat look like the Death Star – only cooler. 

5. Floating Volleyball Game. 

After everyone is soaking water, why not try bringing out the volleyball set. For those with more of a competitive streak, a floating volleyball set will be an absolute delight. It is best played with two or more people on each slide. But make sure it is tethered to the lake floor with weights.

6. Diving Board

Feeling brave? Or do you want to show off your skills? Well, a diving board is for you. There is nothing better for a pontoon boat, especially the two-deck variety, than a diving board. 

Made from stainless steel and aluminum, diving boards are a serious piece of kit. Many of them have a weight capacity of 250 pounds, so fun is guaranteed for all shapes and sizes. 

7. Bimini

But let us not get ahead of ourselves. For many new pontoon boat owners, the first item to purchase is a bimini. A bimini is a top that can be installed on your pontoon. It protects you and your passengers from the sun and rain. 

Biminis come in a variety of styles and materials. They can be either hard or soft tops, with colors to match your boat (or favorite sporting team). When choosing a soft top, take care to select a tough, durable and resilient fabric, such as Sunbrella marine grade fabric, which is stain, UV, and fade resistant. 

8. Pontoon Boat Cover

Keeping things practical, another salient purchase that pontoon boat owners must make is a trustable pontoon boat cover. After all, you have invested your hard-earned cash into this purchase; why let it get spoilt? Besides, a well-preserved pontoon boat makes for a tidy investment due to its solid resale value. Indeed, if you are struggling to convince your partner of the need to purchase a pontoon boat, why not use this argument? 

When buying a pontoon boat cover, you need to factor in the Denier number. This expresses the thickness – and so protective qualities – of the fabric. The higher the Denier number, the better it is when it comes to protecting your pontoon. As a general rule of thumb, a pontoon cover with 600 Deniers is fairly good. Do your research. 

9. Mounted Flag Holder 

Are you a true patriot? Well, why not prove your country-loving credentials with a mounted flag holder, which can be fastened to the Bimini or rails of your shiny new pontoon boat.

10. Speakers 

Pontoon Boat Speakers

A pontoon boat without speakers is not worthy of its name. If you like to host parties on board or fancy chilling out to some Chopin, a tidy sound system is essential. Scratch that, it is a must.

Of course, most new pontoon boats these days come with factory-installed speakers, but often they could do with an upgrade, especially if you want to pump out your favorite tune’s crispy and to a satisfactory quality. 

Suitable not just for the water but camping trips, vacations, BBQs, or anywhere else you might want to play music, a waterproof Bluetooth portable speaker is one accessory you cannot live without. The right one ought to be rugged, produce a great sound and, of course, boast great connectivity. 

11. GPS Navigation 

boat gps 2

Whatever you do, do not leave home without a top-of-the-range GPS covering your back. While it is still recommended that you learn basic marine navigational skills, a GPS significantly reduces the required training and expertise to navigate the water safely. A great GPS navigation is the Garmin Striker 4. It is available here. If this one does not appeal to you, there are many sophisticated GPS navigation systems out there, suited to all budgets.

Search the reviews and browse on YouTube to ensure you chose one that is functional and suited to your needs. An easy-to-read display screen with a user interface that matches your skill level is also very important. 

12. Portable Toilet 

Although not the most glamourous of accessories, a portable toilet is one of the best additions to a pontoon boat. Indeed, who in their right mind wants to set sail for shore whenever the urge hits constantly? There is no need to hold back on the bubbly with the added extra of a portable toilet. 

Once you have selected the ideal portable toilet, be sure to find a suitable privacy enclosure. They come in a variety of styles, such as drop-down curtains, which can attach to your bimini, to a bob-standard camping shower tent. Most products on the market are relatively inexpensive and will make your guests feel at ease. 

13. Grill 

Pontoon Boat Accessories- Grill

The best moments on your pontoon boat will come from entertaining and hosting. And what is the most important part of this? Yes, you guessed it. Food!

No pontoon boat is complete without a grill onboard. Hands down, the best company out there is Cuisinart. They are the grill makers pare excellence. Still, there is a massive range of products on the market. Like food itself, choosing the best grill to sit on your rails is a matter of taste. 

Be sure to consider how many guests you will be entertaining and what type of food you prefer to cook. 

14. Remote Grill Thermometer

But a grill alone is not enough. To keep your friends and family safe from the threat of poisoning, you must buy a remote grill thermometer. Alongside the fact that undercooked meat is a key cause of illness, you will want to ensure that your meals are cooked to perfection. 

Besides, with a remote grill thermometer, you can carry on doing the fun stuff since once your supper reaches its cooking temperature, an alarm will go off so you know when it is time to serve up. 

15. Bar and Beverage Caddy 

A bar drink tray is the ultimate tool for holding drinks. And lots of them. Most products out there are made of waterproof, heavy-duty materials that will last for decades to come. More to the point, having a bar and beverage caddy will ensure that your favorite drink is never far away from your lips. 

Some notable features include a cutting board, should you fancy preparing some decadent cocktails, and foldability, which means the caddy can be folded up and easily stored away once the party is over. 

Even if you aren’t planning on inviting your pals aboard, the bar and beverage caddy is an excellent accessory for anglers and families. Don’t forget the drinks! 

16. Fish Finders 

Pontoon Boat Accessories- Fish Finder

Speaking of which, what use is a grill without any fish? Fishfinders are a must-have for any pontoon owner who wants to catch a fish or two. If you wish to minimize the time you spend hunting your prey, then a fish finder is for you. At the same time, they double up as depth finders, so even if you decide not to fish that day, they are handy accessories to help navigate shallower waters safely. 

If you have bought your pontoon boat due to a desire to have something comfortable and convenient to fish from, then a fish finder is something you cannot do without. 

17. Fishing Rod Holders 

Coming up next is a fishing rod holder. Luckily for us, many fishing rod holders are now designed with pontoon boats square railing in mind. Look out for what types of rods the holder can accommodate and whether or not they are easily adjustable. Round railing models are also available from several manufacturers. 

18. Spotlight 

Last but not least, spotlight. Purchasing a spotlight might not seem necessary, but if something goes south on your boating trip, you will be glad you brought it. Spotlights will allow you to illuminate the water when the sun has gone down. This can help you with everything from navigation to helping a friend return safely to the boat. 

As far as pontoon boat accessories go, that is a wrap. See you waterside!

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