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How to Rent a Boat

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 6, 2021

If you are preparing yourself to rent a boat for the first time, you may feel like it is a daunting process that you are about to face. This is not necessarily true, so we’ll take you through the steps that are required to rent a boat and how to make it as problem-free as possible. 

You should bear in mind that it is far more straightforward to rent a boat through Boatsetter’s peer-to-peer booking platform. You are put into direct contact with the boat owners, which simplifies the booking process due to them being able to work out any further specific questions. This ensures that your trip out onto the water is as stress-free as possible and sets you up for a great time. 

How Do Boat Rentals Work?

Not everyone can afford a boat. It’s expensive to buy one, upkeep the engine, and pay marina fees. Luckily now, with Boatsetter’s peer-to-peer platform, you have access to thousands of excellent boat rentals all over the country. They vary in price, but you can go as expensive or as cheap as you like and at the end of the day it saves you money if you want to use a boat a few times a year as it is much more cost-effective than using one. 

Where Can I Find a Boat Rental?

Think about where in the country you would like to go sailing in, whether it be in your hometown or 500 miles away. Once you have an idea in mind, type the location’s name into the Boatsetter search engine, and you’ll be given various types of boat rentals. Click through several of them and read their descriptions carefully to make an informed decision on which is the right one for you.

What Kind of Boat Should I rent? 

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Maybe you get yourself a bit overwhelmed by the various types of boats on offer, especially in popular destinations where there are far too many to read through them all. Well, firstly you should start thinking about the purpose of your trip. If you’re planning to party the day and maybe even night away, then you want to think about a boat that has plenty of space, comfortable seating, and that has good stability to avoid any falls when you’re partying away. For smaller groups, a pontoon is a great and affordable option. If you’re planning on hosting a big event with well more than 10 people, then it may be worth looking into a catamaran or yacht.

Similarly, if you want to get some real action out on the water and tear up the waves, then you’ll need to get a faster model as a simple fishing boat won’t get the job done. We have plenty of power cruisers and speedboats that are fit for the job. With many of them, you can even get some wakeboarding and tubing action done on them. Not only that, but we have a tremendous jet ski selection as well. These are excellent if you’re hitting up the water solo, want to get up to some great exploring, or want to find an affordable rental option.

What Happens Once I Book a Boat

Once you select the boat you’ll be sailing on; you’ll be put in direct contact with the boat’s owner. Contacting the owner is part of the beauty of renting a boat through a peer-to-peer platform. From here, you’ll be able to discuss the final details of your trip, such as pick-up locations and any adjustments or requests that you have. Most of the boats listed on Boatsetter are privately owned, which means that the owners tend to be more flexible with personalizing your trip for you.

Do I Need Prior Boating Experience to Rent a Boat?

Nope! You can be the most experienced sailor in the world or a complete beginner to rent a boat. If you are new to boating, we suggest that you opt for a boat rental that includes a captain. This captain is often the owner of the boat and knows the ins and outs of the vessel. In addition to this, they also know the best places to take you so you can optimize your day to the best that it can be. 

On the other hand, many boat owners allow renters to drive the boats themselves. If you are new to boating and wish to drive the boat yourself, we recommend that you check your state’s boating regulations to see what kind of courses and paperwork you need to organize before driving the rental boat. We also recommend that you opt for a smaller and simpler model if you’re heading out for the first time so that you can get the hang of it better. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Boat?

The cost of renting a boat varies greatly depending on the size of the boat and the location. Huge luxury yachts where you can host the finest of parties can cost up to the tens of thousands of dollars, while a jet ski rental can be found for less than $100 in some places. Boat rental costs tend to be higher in popular areas where wealthier people frequent, such as Hawaii, whereas rentals on inland lakes tend to be much cheaper. If you do your research well, a good deal can always abound, and if you extend your trip beyond a day, you may find that you can get a discount on your boat rental. 

Renting a boat has never been more straightforward. There is a plethora of information on boating online and easy access to many boating courses. In addition to this peer-to-peer boat renting is starting to grow in popularity, and many more great boat rentals are being added every day! So, don’t hesitate and start planning your adventure with Boatsetter today. 


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