Make Your Boat Listing Shine: Reviews are Key

Written by Kristen Rogers
July 2, 2020

As renters plan their day out on the water, they take a few actions in making sure their experience is going to be a positive one. After filtering through competitively priced boats and their photos, they actively search for boats that have great reviews. Reviews are important because they not only gauge your reputation and credibility as a Boatsetter owner, but they also influence and build renter confidence for future trips.

Owner reviews

Generating positive reviews from renters is crucial in consistently meeting increased demand and maximizing earnings. Wondering how you can guarantee yourself those 5 stars at the end of a trip? Take a closer look at our rental tips:

Stay responsive

Your response rate is not only important for your search ranking, but it is also a sign of stellar customer service. The more responsive you are to a renter, the higher your chances are of landing a booking. Responsiveness goes a long way and renters will remember how accommodating you were setting a great first impression prior to their trip.

Provide extras

Renters love getting on the water for all types of occasions. For everyday or special moments, it’s nice to consider adding a few touches to your boat. Do you have water floats or tubes, a cooler with beverages or extra sunscreen you can include onboard? Offering a special service is something renters tend to always speak highly of.

Local favorites

As a seasoned boater, your list of favorite boating spots can come in handy! Whether you love a dock-up restaurant or have a favorite place to anchor down, your knowledge of the local waterways is extremely helpful to renters.

Renter reviews

As a Boatsetter Owner, you have the ability to stay in command of future rentals on your boat or other boats by leaving a renter review. In the same way renters review their experience with you, you have the opportunity to review them on your own terms. Did they have boating experience, keep the boat in shape and abide by your preferences? Let the owner community know!

Renters are asked and encouraged to review owners and their boats following automated communications after their trip. If you don’t receive a review from a previous renter, don’t hesitate to reach out to them!


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