Ditch the Cable Park and Rent a Wakeboard Boat

Written by Boatsetter Team
October 29, 2020

Enjoy the Wakeboarding Experience of a Lifetime

Do you typically have to pay to visit a cable park for your wakeboarding experience, simply because you do not own a boat? If so, you know that the costs can really add up very quickly, especially if you often visit the cable park. Cable parks are great, especially in areas where there are not so many lakes, but they are justifiably quite expensive to pay for all of their equipment. Not only are there the costs to deal with, but there are also hordes of people who are all jostling for position to use the equipment. There are often too many people using the park and simply not enough wakeboards. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With Boatsetter’s new peer-to-peer boat rental service, you can be arranging a boat of your own in no time. Then, in addition to all the watersports, you can try while you are out on the water, you can also get the added benefits of everything else boating has to offer.

Why Get a Wakeboard Boat Rental?

If you’ve ever been to a cable park, you know that it can sometimes be a fun way of having a wakeboarding experience and experiencing other watersports when you don’t have the luxury of owning a boat. That said, cable parks are often crowded, and they can get costly if you visit them often, and it can just get boring to keep using a wakeboard on the same body of water all the time. For example, an all-day pass to Velocity Island costs almost $60 – and that is just to get in!

In this article, we’ll explain how Boatsetter’s new peer-to-peer boat rental service can be perfect for someone like you. With Boatsetter’s impressive fleet, you can easily arrange a wakeboard boat rental that you can take out on the open waters of the lake or even the ocean, where you can spend all the time you like perfecting your wakeboarding skills, getting some water skiing experience, and trying new things too.

When You Rent a Boat, You Can Try Other Watersports Too

A wakeboard boat rental can be the perfect way for you and your friends to try out the wakeboarding experience in open water, which can be completely different than wakeboarding in a cable park. Open water conditions depend so much on the weather and how many other boats are in the water. You might find wakeboarding in the open water to be completely different.

When you arrange a wakeboard boat rental, you can try so many other activities too. In addition to simply cruising along and enjoying the weather, it is easy to take up other watersports, such as wake surfing, skiing, tubing, and kneeboarding. These watersports are typically not offered at cable parks, so you really need to try doing them on the open water. You may even want to try out some extreme sports like jet skiing or kiteboarding. These days, there are so many options available to you.

It is always a good idea to rent a Boatsetter boat with friends who have experience in the open water so that they can show you how to handle the boat and watersports equipment. Remember that all of the equipment for these sports will be included only with certain rentals, so make sure you plan carefully ahead of time so that you are not disappointed!

How About Trying out Some Water Skiing?

water skiing

A water skiing boat rental is also ideal for you to get some water skiing experience and start showing off in front of your friends. Many (but not all) of our water skiing boat rentals include all the equipment you need for water skiing, like skis and a tow rope, so brush up on some of the specific rules of the water and start your water skiing experience!

If you need a little extra encouragement, first check out this short clip of some of the basics of this exhilarating sport. You’ll soon be jumping the wakes and swerving from side to side like a pro. Read more about some of the incredible tricks you can learn, such as side slide, back wrap, and wrapped way go. Of course, you’ll need to learn the basics before even attempting anything like this! But with a water skiing boat rental, you’ll have as much time as you need on the water to learn how to do almost anything you like on the skis.

How About Hiring a Boat Captain?

making money as a boat captain 2

As mentioned above, it is certainly a good idea to rent a Boatsetter boat with friends who have lots of previous experience, but even this may not be enough preparation for your open water trip. If you are interested in arranging a wakeboard boat rental but still have some lingering doubts about your ability to operate the boat, why not hire a boat that comes with a licensed captain?

Your captain will be a local expert who knows all about weather conditions and also how to read nautical maps so that you don’t get lost. He or she will be able to give you all kinds of tips on how to start wakeboarding or how to operate your water skiing boat rental. Your captain will also help you organize the whole trip and show you how to use all the equipment on the boat. If you are renting a large enough boat, there may even be other crew members on board in addition to the captain. Just be sure to always follow the recommendations of your captain and crew while you are out in the water, as well as any directions issued by local authorities such as park rangers.

Renting a Boat and Adding Up the Savings

Arranging a wakeboard boat rental or a water skiing boat rental of your own can quickly save you the costs of visiting a cable park. A boat rental is far more cost-efficient due to the lower costs of sharing a rental with your friends and the length of time allotted on the boat. It makes far more sense to arrange a wakeboard boat rental or a water skiing boat rental on a per-hour basis. You can easily take out a wakeboard boat rental or a water skiing boat rental in the early morning and return it for the night for pretty much what it might cost you to have a meal in a nice restaurant.

Boatsetter offers you so many choices when it comes to selecting the type of boat you need. A wakeboard boat rental is an excellent way to save on the cable park fees you’ve been paying all these years. If you can split the costs of a wakeboard boat rental, you can have some amazing times out on the water and even enjoy some memorable water skiing experiences with your friends.

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