Romantic Boat Ride in Fort Lauderdale.

Romantic Boat Ride in Fort Lauderdale

Written by Boatsetter Team
February 13, 2023

Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city with its Venice-like waterways and pristine beaches; you can’t go wrong setting your romantic boat ride here. We’ve got various love boats for you to choose from and insightful tips on where to row (pun intended).

Continue reading for the makings of a romantic boat ride in Fort Lauderdale.

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Sunset Cruises

Fort Lauderdale Sunset Cruise.

You’ll be amazed by the grandeur of this great city’s beachside estates, lovely parks, and gold sand beaches. But even more awe-inspiring is how Fort Lauderdale will complement your sunset cruise.

Where to go catch a sunset in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Lago Mar Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach (Playa las Olas)
  • Washingtonia Beach
  • Pompano Beach (be sure to go past the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse just north of here)

When you finish cruising these areas, head to Stranahan River by the Fort Lauderdale Jetties to reach New River. There, you can dock and dine at wonderful waterfront restaurants and enjoy the view with a glass of wine alongside your beloved.

New River (Downtown Fort Lauderdale)

Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Taking New River is an unforgettable experience that will woo your partner and be an enjoyable trip for both of you. Cruising through downtown Fort Lauderdale will give you spectacular city views, riverside restaurants, charming shops, towering buildings, Millionaires’ row, million-dollar mega yachts, and several green parks set on the banks of New River.

If you’re unsure how to get the conversation rolling, boating downtown is a great icebreaker. All the sights will give you plenty to talk about. Stop at any one of these restaurants for a good time:

  • Rendevous at Marina Mile Yachting Center on the South Fork New River is the perfect place to grab casual American cuisine.
  • Boathouse at the Riverside is a luxurious American fare spot with a Mediterranean influence with indoor and outdoor lush tropically-landscaped patio seating. It’s on New River, by the New River Tunnel.
  • Pirate Republic Seafood is a pirate-themed restaurant right on the water with a cool covered dock with lots of seating and romantic twinkle lights. The food is a delicious Caribbean-Mediterranean style. There’s plenty of live music and great views, and it’s on New River, just across from Huizenga Plaza Riverfront Park.

Best Boats for a Romantic Boat Ride

Romantic Boat Ride.

Catamarans, yachts, cruisers

Yachts are a luxury experience that can take date nights to the next level. They are larger than most standard boats and range from thirty-four feet to over two hundred feet long. Many have kitchens, bedrooms, and full-size restrooms, and some even have helipads.

Not sure which size to choose? We can help you with that; What Size Yacht is Best For You – Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Yacht.

Here are some of the best yachts in the Fort Lauderdale area for you:


Sailboats are a fantastic way to see the ocean. If you want to enjoy the scenery, each others’ company, good food, wine, or spark a conversation, choose a sailboat with a captain, so the focus is on each other and whatever you two want to do.

If you’re experienced in sailing and know your date is looking for adventure, then skip the captain and teach your date how to sail! This is a great way to bond and show your amazing skills.

Here are some of the best sailboats for you to use for your special date:

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