Skip the Villa and Stay with Smart Charter Ibiza

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 8, 2020

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Because Nothing Beats a Floating Villa

Ibiza, the little Spanish Island is known for extravagant getaways and some of the best parties in the world, is filled with villas, which makes sense. After all, if you’re going to live the high life, you might as well enjoy some of the best accommodation you can afford. Especially if you’re traveling with a group of friends or family members, and you can all have a place to go back to at the end of the day that provides comfort and a little extra space for some wild after parties. 

But what if that villa in the hills isn’t your only option after all? What if you could have a villa on the water? That’s right. A villa on the water. With Smart Charter Ibiza, you can rent your own private yacht charter where the Mediterranean Sea will serve as your swimming pool. You’ll have room for the entire crew, and you’ll be able to see Ibiza from a whole new angle. Now without further ado, let’s talk about all the things you can do with your own private yacht charter because, after all, the possibilities are endless.


Throw an afterparty under the sun

Ibiza Boat Party

After a long night of partying at some of Ibiza’s famous nightclubs, you’re probably gonna wanna escape the crowds and head to a secluded place where you can enjoy the intimacy of your Ibiza crew. With you’re own Ibiza boat charter, you can expect just this. Because once you board your own yacht, the party doesn’t stop. So pop a bottle of champagne, put on some tunes, and enjoy the luxury of being out on the water in style.


Head out to the secluded coves and beaches

Ibiza cove

Of course, your yacht isn’t just for afterparties and sitting docked in the marina. It’s also for sailing around the Balearic Islands at your own pace. You’ll be surprised to find that this little Spanish oasis is filled with secluded coves and beaches where you can anchor up your Ibiza boat charter and go for a nice swim where no one else can be found. Not bad after a night of raving. Now you can reenergize in nature and head back to Ibiza, ready for the next wild night.


Have a barbecue on the boat and enjoy the sunset

bbq on a boat

After a long day out on the water, swimming in secluded coves, and laying out on the most pristine beaches that Ibiza has to offer, it’s time to have a serious cookout on your Ibiza boat charter. Since many of Smart Charter Ibiza’s yacht charters come with grills and kitchens onboard, you can cook up some of the best local seafood and throw a few lobsters and steaks on the grill. You can make it a group effort and even kick back some cold beers while you wait for those steaks to cook at just the right temperature. Right before the sunsets, you can have one of your mates set the table before you serve up one of the best dinners on the water just as the sky is turning pink and the sun is dipping below the surface of the sea.

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