Summer Fashion Guide for the “Boys of Boatsetter!”

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 4, 2018

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With summer around the corner, what is a better way to prepare for boating this season than picking out some style essentials for a perfect day on the water! Remember, do not change your style, just change your fabric.

Rule No. 1: Wearing A Classic That Never Gets Old.

The polo is very simple. Find one that fits you and try not to tuck your polo shirt in.

Bonobos Summer Weight Polo

Rule No. 2: The Henley

Plan and simple; it is a fancy t-shirt. Henleys sleep, eat and breathe summer weather!

Banana Republic Stripe Linen Henley

Rule No 3: A Sweater or Sweatshirt

This is a perfect piece of clothing that you can layer on for those chilly evenings out on a boat. A piece of advice, just make sure the sweater you are wearing is not the same sweater you work out in.

J-Crew Cotton-Linen Sweater

Rule No. 4: Pair of Shorts > 5 pockets

Yes, you read that correctly. Us guys still have baggy, long cargo shorts because thy can carry everything. But if you are going to any of these summer events, it is time to leave those cargo shorts back home!

Find one that fits and buy them in multiple colors. You will not go wrong!

Chubbie’s Shorts

Rule No. 5: Swim Trunks

Toss out the bathing suit you have used for the past five years and buy a new one! Get this, you also can be used as shorts!

Vineyard Vine Solid Stretch Board Shorts

Rule No. 6: White Jeans

Find a nice pair of chinos or denim and the rest will take care of itself. If you are feeling bold, add some white to your closet. If you follow the ‘Don’t Wear White After Labor Day?’ The rule, that is totally fine! The dictum has been around for ages but white chinos or white denim go well with anything especially a light shirt like chambray!

Photo Credit: The Naked and Famous

Levis 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Rule No. 7: A Tank Top

Find a tank top that fits and is not from college. Do we have to explain?

Image Courtesy: HelloHis

Rule No. 8: Add some nautical wear to your wardrobe

You may not know what a bow is or the difference between your port from your starboard; that does not mean you can not enjoy some nautical trends that anyone can pull off.

Rule No. 9: Get a cool pair of sneakers

You do not have to just wear boat shoes on a boat. Really. We all know boat shoes are for the younger crowder. Besides college, the only place they should be worn is on the deck. You should still own a pair of boat shoes but they should not be your “only” shoes for the summer! Change things up a bit this summer and grab a pair of Vans ‘Authentic Core Classics’ Tie-up sneakers! Swap out those laces for some leather ones too!

Van’s Authentic Canvas

Rule No 10: No-Show Socks

Photo Courtesy: #FreetheAnkles Movement

Calvin Klein No-Show Socks

Rule No. 11: Actually buy a pair of sunglasses you like and do not lose them!

Think of sunglasses like shoes, you do not just wear own one pair of them.

Photo Courtesy: Warby Parker

Warby Parker Downing (Walnut Tortoise)

 Rule No. 12: Be Timely

Get strapped the right way this summer. When it is hot outside, ditch the metal and leather bands. Try out the Timex Weekender Watch to sport the classic Timex face with interchangeable straps for any occasion.

Image Courtesy: Timex

Timex Weekender

Rule No. 13: The Weekend Bag

When summer rolls around, all we want and are ready for is to get the hell out of the office. Every man needs a weekend bag so he can grab it after work, pack some gear and hit the open road.

Trask Jackson Duffle Bag

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