Sunseeker Yachts- The Complete Guide to Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker Yachts: The Complete Guide to Sunseeker Yachts

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September 3, 2021

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Sunseeker yachts are James Bond-worthy. They have dazzled screens in Die Another Day, Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace.

Tuxedo on, martini in hand, you too can experience what a luxury yacht feels like with Boatsetter.


Headquartered in the seaside town of Poole, England, Sunseeker is the largest UK-based luxury yacht, maker. Originally named Poole Power Boats, Sunseeker was the brainchild of brothers Robert and John Braithwaite way back in the heady year of 1969. Harnessing revolutionary materials and technology, the Braithwaite brothers dreamt of building boats of the future. Their early designs were tailored to a handful of customers, keen to embrace the newfound freedoms of the decade.

But things got off to a bumpy start. Across the pond in the United States of America, the owner of Poole Powerboats, Owens Cruisers, decided to close their British operation down and focus instead on domestic production. This was when Robert saw an opportunity. With a bundle of hastily borrowed cash, he drove to Owen’s offices in the sleepy town of Arundel and successfully negotiated the purchase of their boat molds.

Although a small problem remained: he had never built a seagoing craft before.

First came the Sovereign 17 in 1971, followed closely by the Sovereign 20. By the close of the decade, Sunseeker yachts were selling well in the UK and northern Europe. Sunseeker had arrived.

The rest is history.


A leap of courage and imagination inspired Sunseeker in its early days. In fact, few manufacturers have pioneered as many innovations in the yachting world as Sunseeker. These include duoprops, stern-driven race-bred Arneson surface drives, and a water jet powering system – previously thought impossible.

Now, these bold traits have become the hallmarks of a Sunseeker yacht. Above all, a Sunseeker yacht will give customers exactly what they want. Its expert teams have designed unprecedented and ultimately successful yachts to realize their dreams, ensuring that each one is as unique as its customers. This refreshing and prolific stance puts distance between them and their competitors. Not to mention bringing fabulous vessels to the waves.  

Capitalizing on the skills passed down from generation to generation, each sunseeker is a triumph in craftsmanship. While harnessing the best of what digital production and automated assembly have to offer, Sunseeker yachts remain hand-built and hand-finished. Why? Because there is no better way of making the unique, remarkable, and ultimately exceptional.

The Sunseeker Range

Boatsetter’s unique peer-to-peer boat renting service offers a range of new and pre-owned Sunseeker yachts. A weekend excursion, exciting day out, or a well-deserved week away (or several), Sunseeker’s expansive range of yachts can satisfy every need. There is the cheetah-like Predator up to the magnificent Superyacht series. Experience the luxury and technological mastery of a Sunseeker today!

All of Boatsetter’s rentals come with a knowledgeable captain and crew to guide you on your exciting yacht adventure and are available from sites across the USA, Europe and beyond. Many Boatsetter rentals offer the opportunity to enhance your experience with jet skis, electronic surfboards, and sea bobs to get splashing on. 

Sport Yacht

Sleek and powerful

Magnificently crafted, expertly finished and composed of raw, unassailable quality materials, every Sunseeker Sport Yacht seamlessly blends elegance and performance. Their two most popular sport yachts are the 74 Sports Yacht and the 65 Sports Yacht.

The 74 Sports Yacht is the best of both worlds. This beauty is enhanced by cutting-edge technology and elegant finishes throughout and everything you and your many guests could wish for. Speaking of which, it can accommodate eight passengers plus two crew members.

In a world where distance is everything. The 74 Sports Yacht has a freshwater capacity of 800 liters (211 US Gal.) and a fuel capacity of 4,800 litres (1,268 US Gal.). This lavishes drivers with a range of up to 900 nautical miles and maximum speeds of up to 38 knots.

Sport, sleek and wonderfully spacious best describe the interior of the 74 Sports Yacht. This is a yacht built to impress. It has copious amounts of entertaining space, including plenty of comfortable seating, large sun pads (both back and front), and the bridge deck seductively shades the cockpit.

The newer 65 Sport Yacht is a trailblazer. And inside it, you will be one too. Take your holidays to new heights with the yacht’s direct sea access, bar, fridge, BBQ, and free-standing seating. Together these are the perfect spaces for water-loving nymphs and party animals.

20.50 meters (67′ 2″) in length and with a beam of 5.10 (16′ 8″), space is not a premium on the 65 Sport Yacht. With three cabins – including a full-beam master stateroom – it can comfortably accommodate up to 7 guests and 1 crew in absolute luxury. The main deck has a large C shaped sofa and offers options of additional seating with a TV. All of which amounts to a versatile space that adapts seamlessly to all kinds of socializing and adrenaline-seeking.

When you wish to tear up the waves, the innovative Sky Helm of the 65 Sport Yacht, complete with IPS driving joystick, is there. It allows the boat to be sailed while the driver is standing in an upright position, or it can be lowered to fall perfectly into outstretched arms.


The water shark

The Predator range is mythical. Coming in sizes from 50′ to 77′, every boat is a head-turner. Sunseeker has ensured it is strikingly styled, expertly made, and nimble on its hull. The fastest predator models will achieve speeds over 45 knots.

Winner of the prestigious 2019 Motor Boat Awards, the Predator 50 is ideal for spontaneous adventures or the afternoon adrenaline rush.

Its interior is awe-inspiring. There is plenty of space to host friends, family, or corporate colleagues with space for up to six guests. Plus, each cabin is designed to impress. Sunseeker’s British interior designer’s attention to detail has created the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, especially with their open spaces and large windows, which allow the magical light of a summer sunset to flood in. This is enhanced by an open plan design that boasts a fully opening hardtop roof and fully opening cockpit glazing – bringing the outside inside.

And let us not forget the Predator 60 Evo. The first model of Sunseeker’s major new product development plan, this bold yacht is tailored for practicality and performance. On the waves, the Predator 60 Evo packs a punch. It can glide across the waves at speeds of up to 32 knots. This is matched with its sharp, impressive figure, which allows for unrivaled agility on the open water. The sporty posture of the Predator 60 Evo is complemented by a bold, modern interior design. The white finish of the interior and furnishings only aid this sleek feeling.


The conquerors of distance

In this collection are the Manhattan 68, Manhattan 66, Manhattan 52, and the Manhattan 55.

Fitted with Volvo Penta d13-800 engines, the Manhattan 55 can cruise comfortably at 25 knots with a range of 250 nautical miles. Or, if you need a speedy getaway, it can be cranked up to an excess of 30 knots at full throttle. Think where you could go with that fuel capacity of 2,200 liters (580 US gal.).

An attractive aspect of the Manhattan 55 that truly distinguishes it from the crowd is the revolutionary glass-cockpit and gallery window, which can be dropped with the touch of a button, creating a fantastic inside/outside environment. 

Speaking of design capabilities, the exceptional yacht has been meticulously crafted to maximize comfort and cruising, as well as providing owners with a vast array of social spaces – something typically limited to larger yachts.

Length: 21 m (69′). Beam: 5.25 m (17.3′). Range: 550 nautical miles. Maximum speed: 32 knots. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, these are the specs of the Manhattan 68. Building upon the exceptional family of award-winning Manhattan models, this yacht redefines luxury and relaxation. Across the main deck, keen attention has been paid to create social spaces fit for a king. It can accommodate up to 8 guests and two crew members.



Built for speed

Sunseeker’s Performance range does what it says on the tin: perform. Capitalizing on Sunseeker’s incredible racing heritage, every boat in this series is a masterpiece in speed. The Performance range dares you to dare, like never before.  

Following several long years of intense speculation, the Hawk 38 arrived on the yachting scene with much fanfare. It had been almost 20 years since the British shipyard had last launched a proper performance boat. And it was worth the wait. Motorboat & Yachting Magazine called it Sunseeker’s coolest boat ever. Boasting a range of up to 200 nautical miles, the Hawk 38 has a maximum speed of 62 knots. Yes, you read that right, 62 knots.

No wonder the Hawk 38 has won 43 World Speed Records and 55 World Championships.

Coming in bright Marlin Blue, fiery Sunfast Red or ice cool Super Jet Black, the Hawk 38 can dazzle onlookers on the beach. Its Spradling Marine Silvertex coated fabrics are engineered and tested to resist the toughest marine conditions, ensuring that the vessel remains in its prime.

The Hawk 38 is packed with an array of high-tech features; 

  • Inflatable STAB (stabilizing tubes)to keep the boat stable against whatever odds the ocean may throw at it
  • Simrad 16″ Navigation display
  • Smart, adjustable steering wheel with function buttons to control it
  • Mercury Verado dual-engine Hydraulic Power Steering 
  • Mercury Vessel View link, which interfaces with engine data to display engine temperature, pressure, engine alarms, fuel tank level and engine battery voltages via an app. .



Sunseeker’s Superyachts are the largest and most extravagant amongst all their ranges. Inspiring and adaptable, these yachts represent the Sunseeker’s knack for style, design, practicality and ingenuity par excellence. At present, there are four beauties in this range, each one a tribute to British engineering: 50M Ocean52M Ocean131 Yacht and the 116 Yacht.  

When Sunseeker launched the 50M Ocean, they said that a ‘new dawn had arrived.’ The tri-deck yacht offers beautiful space and volume. It can accommodate up to 10 guests in five cabins under the standard configuration yet has upgradable options for 12 guests – depending on your needs. Indeed, the already opulent interior spaces of the 50M Ocean can be styled to each buyer’s personal preferences thanks to Sunseeker’s renowned ‘Bespoke’ Service.

Read more about this customization service here. It is beyond par.

Space and flexibility characterise the theme of the 50M Ocean. It contains a wealth of compelling features, all to maximize the pleasure of passengers. Typically belonging to larger craft only, there is a plunge pool on the main deck and a delectable beach club at the rear of the yacht. This amounts to a fantastic area for revealing in the water.

Another tri-deck, the Sunseeker 131 Yacht epitomizes all that the British shipyard has got right over the decades. Grandiose yet gracious, this behemoth can sleep up to 12 guests (and 9 crew) in sheer luxury and comfort. It has a range of up to 1,600 nautical miles at 12 knots. Just think of where you could go in that distance.

The interior is finished with ultra-modern materials and techniques. While on the upper deck, you will find the sky lounge, cocktail bar, and Skydeck, which commands awe-inspiring views of the night’s sky; the main deck is complete with a lounge, dining area, and full galley

Like the 50M Ocean, the 131 Yacht comes with the ‘Bespoke’ Service, meaning that the interior is fully customizable according to the buyer’s taste. This is the king of all yachts as impressive out in the open water as it is in the harbor.   

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