Things to do in Siesta Key

Things to do in Siesta Key, FL

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March 18, 2022

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If you are planning a trip to the Gulf Coast and you want to experience what Siesta Key has to offer, you should carve out a few hours on a boat rental to enjoy the best things to do in Siesta Key. From epic sunsets to world-class beaches, this corner of Florida is especially popular for anyone who enjoys stunning landscapes.

Siesta Key has, hands down, some of the most gorgeous beaches in the United States. This iconic beach town offers three primary beaches. Siesta Key Beach, Turtle Beach, and Crescent Beach have their own flavors.

All three beaches boast the fine white quartz sand that always feels pleasantly cool. This water-oriented destination also offers multiple activities for avid water lovers.

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Sunbathing at Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach (also called Siesta Beach) is easily the most-visited sunbathing spot in the group. In fact, TripAdvisor viewers rated Siesta Key Beach the #1 Beach in the United States – three different times.

All three beaches offer free parking, making them extremely popular with residents and seasonal visitors alike. Arrive early to snag your spot, especially on weekends or during holiday periods.

Snorkeling at Point of Rocks

snorkeling in siesta key

Believe it or not, Siesta Key’s Point of Rocks offers some good snorkeling action. To reach this enticing destination, slip on your water shoes, and head down to Crescent Beach’s southernmost end. Pick your way along the sea wall, and then turn the corner.

Next, carefully take three steps down into the water. You’ll immediately be rewarded with several tide pools filled with lots of marine life. With the water under five feet deep, Point of Rocks is a good snorkeling and shelling spot. Take special care around the slippery rocks and uneven surfaces.

Parasailing Adventure Over the Gulf

Soaring above the Gulf on a parasailing excursion lets you see Siesta Key from a different perspective. For starters, you’ll enjoy miles of gorgeous white sand beaches and blue-green Gulf waters from the air. Besides getting a bird’s eye view of Siesta Key’s delights, you could get up close and personal with a few sea birds.

Don’t forget to look down as you glide aloft with the sea breeze in your hair. There’s a good chance you’ll see a few manatees, dolphins, or other wildlife. Finally, you’ll see the Gulf of Mexico stretch out for miles in every direction, giving you a memorable view of this popular aquatic playground.

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Siesta Key’s Best Bodies of Water for Boating

beer can island

Siesta Key Big Pass Sandbar

Check out Siesta Key Big Pass Sandbar if you’re itching for a beyond-ordinary boat rental experience. Located just north of Siesta Key, this popular spot offers a good anchorage and water activities base camp.

Once your anchor is down, break out the kayak or stand-up paddleboard to explore the sheltered waters. Bring your snorkeling gear, as you’re likely to see numerous sea creatures under the boat. Or, just enjoy soaking up the sun all day.

Beer Can Island

Just off Longboat Key’s northernmost point, you’ll find Beer Can Island sitting in Longboat Pass. Beer Can Island offers the same sugary white sand in a more compact setting, not far from Siesta Key. Manatees often frequent the clear waters near the beautiful beach.

Beer Can Island’s features periodically change, making this an interesting destination even for repeat visitors. This makes it a popular spot for locals who are always looking to explore something new.

Jewfish Key Sandbar

Jewfish Key, located off Beer Can Island in Longboat Pass, makes a great boat rental destination. This 38-acre island has abundant native vegetation for a real tropical feel. The western part of Jewfish Key features a well-known sandbar and anchoring spot.

Cool off in the shallow water or explore a swimming hole that offers deeper blue depths. Jewfish Key is also an ideal snorkeling destination. For a more low-key trip, visit on a less-busy weekday.

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