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Punta Gorda, FL


Luxury 27ft Scout for a perfect day on the water

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Sarasota, FL


Fishing charters, sandbar tours, & sunset cruises!

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Fishing Charters/Boat Cruise

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St. Pete Beach, FL


Maverick Fishing Charters - 40' Dorado in St. Pete

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Englewood, FL


Mangroves 2 Cattails Guide Service

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Sarasota, FL


Gulf, Reef and Bay Fishing & Sightseeing Charters

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There's an Abundance of Fishing in Siesta Key

Siesta Beach is consistently voted one of the best beaches in America. It is famous for sugar-fine, quartz-white sand. You’ll find Turtle Beach beyond the sea grapes to the south of town. This is a popular place to launch kayaks and other boats. The recent addition of new playgrounds, the renovated Sarasota School of Architecture pavilion, and 150 more free parking spaces have really helped Siesta Key grow in prominence over the past few years.

Cruise along peacefully on your Siesta Key fishing charter and step ashore. Take a short walk from the public beach to a village of outdoor dining, coffee shops, bars, and other retailers.

Fishing in Siesta Key

It is a good idea to set sail from Lands End Marina on your Siesta Key fishing charter.

Lands End Marina

This is the ideal place to launch your boat. There are all kinds of restaurants and bars in the marina area. Enjoy a meal of grilled fish and fresh calamari before sailing off to get in some fishing of your own.

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Fish the Wrecks

Numerous wrecks just offshore from Siesta Key provide ideal habitats for fish like grouper, mackerel, snapper, amberjack, and cobia. There are wrecks that you can visit off Venice, Nokomis, and Longboat Key.

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Siesta Drive Bridge

You'll find plenty of fish under Siesta Drive Bridge at the north end of the island. This bridge connects to the mainland, and it is a popular place to catch snapper and sea bass. Just be aware that there are no restrooms or other public facilities here.

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Best Places to Fish in Siesta Key

Here are just a few of the best places to fish in Siesta Key.

Siesta Key Offshore

Sheepshead, sailfish, flounder, snook, redfish, and tarpon are some of the species that make this area so good for fishing. Just anchor your boat slightly offshore and start fishing.

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Longboat Key

When fishing the offshore or inshore waters of Longboat Key, artificial lures are effective and easy to use. Best bets include jigs, spoons, and plugs. If you prefer live bait, shrimp can be especially effective. Just ask around, because lots of bait shops and marinas sell them.

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Osprey Fishing Pier

Sail your Siesta Key fishing charter to the Osprey area and do some fishing around the pier. It is also possible to net fish from the beach or the nearby grass flats. Explore the deeper edges of the flats and the sand holes there. Wade the shallow grass near the pier to try and find snook, redfish, or speckled sea trout.

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How to Fish in Siesta Key, Florida

If you charter a fishing boat in Siesta Key, you can enjoy some of the best fishing opportunities in Florida. Here are three tips to get you started.


Licenses and Regulations

All non-residents over the age of 16 will require a license when fishing from public spots on the shore. Licenses can be bought at local bait shops and sporting goods stores, some marinas and hardware stores, and online. Fishing regulations might include limits and seasonal restrictions. Special stamps are required for certain species like snook and tarpon.


Gulf and Bay Fishing

Old Midnight Pass is a good chance to do some gulf and bay fishing. Walk south about half a mile from Turtle Beach until you reach the narrow strip of land that connects Siesta and Casey keys. You can catch fish like cobia, grouper, flounder, and kingfish in this area.


Shore Fishing

Big Pass is a long, skinny inlet with a smooth, rocky bottom at the far northwest part of the island. It leads to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and separates Lido Key from Siesta Key. Here, you can find excellent shore fishing. Catch mangrove snapper, grouper, and snook in the shallow waters.

Types of Fish in Siesta Key

There is no limit to the types of fish you might catch on a fishing trip in Siesta Key. These are a few of the most common.


Piers, grass flats, reefs, and wrecks all create ideal conditions for snook. Surprise your friends by hooking one of these beauties and cooking it up nicely for them to enjoy an amazing meal.


Depending on the time of year, it is possible to use shrimp, crabs, mullet, or other types of bait to catch tarpon. They are true game fish so you really need to pay attention to what you are doing out on the water.


Cobia can sometimes be found in the shallow waters from spring until the end of autumn. They are long fish with dark stripes along the sides of their bodies.

Top Types of Fishing in Siesta Key, Florida

Here are three of the top types of fishing you might want to try.

Coastal Fishing

Drop anchor from your Siesta Key fishing charter at the south end of Crescent Beach, where you can catch flounder, snook, snapper, and more. Point of Rocks is a formation of rocks, underwater caves, and coral that attracts all kinds of reef-loving fish. It is also a good place for spotting marine life and snorkeling, so watch out for swimmers in the water before casting your line.

Lagoon Fishing

Blind Pass Lagoon, behind Turtle Beach, is one of the best Siesta Key fishing spots. Cast your line from the shore or seawall to catch mackerel and bluefish. Blind Pass Lagoon connects to Little Sarasota Bay, near the Jim Neville Marine Preserve.

Jim Neville Marine Preserve

From here, you can access Turtle Beach's parking lot, picnic pavilions and grills, restrooms, playground, and, of course, the beach itself. On your way down, you may want to pick up some live bait like shrimp at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters.

Siesta Key, Florida Fishing Seasons

When you charter a boat in Siesta Key, here is what you can expect during each month of the year.



With colder water temperatures, January can be a good month to try and catch trout.



During February, trout and flounder can be found quite easily because the water is still quite cold.



March is the start of the tarpon season and you will encounter these fish around all of the bridges and piers near Siesta Key.



During April, sailfish, tuna, and marlin can be found in the deeper Gulf waters.



Huge schools of tarpon usually start arriving off Siesta Key in May.



During June, you can also usually find schools of Spanish mackerel, bonito, king mackerel, and cobia.



Tarpon fishing is still by far the best way to go during July.



Try catching bull redfish in the shallow waters during August.



There are schools of dorado in the water, and offshore bottom fishing is good for offshore grouper and snapper fishing too.



This is the month to catch that shark you've always been dreaming of.



November is a good time for catching snook and redfish on the flats.



Redfish can be big and impressive catches during December.

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