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Top 5 Photo Tips For An Awesome Listing

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 5, 2018

Photo Tips

Photos are the first things a prospective renter looks at when considering a rental, and as listings with great photos receive more bookings, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to make your boat stand out.
You may be tempted to cut corners, but the extra time spent photographing your boat will be time well spent, and will also help anyone renting your boat picture themselves on your boat having an amazing experience.

Did you know? Listings with more than five photos get 10x the amount of bookings and photos of the boat in the water get 4x the views as boats on a trailer.

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Tips on Taking Photos

1. De-clutter & stage.

Take any covers off that may be hiding those stunning teak decks or open windows. Set the table, make the beds, coil the lines, and don’t forget to scour the poop deck! Remember, a picture paints 1,000 words.


2. But does it float?

Photographs of your boat in the water are not required but encouraged. This helps renters to picture the experience more than if the boat is on a trailer.


3. Light your boat!

Reduce sun glares and backlighting of your boat by shooting with the sun behind you. While not every boat gets to cruise through Caribbean water, you can still shoot some amazing pictures with the right lighting.


4. Simplify your background.

Pull your boat away from the dock, a jumble of other boats in the background create a lot of visual clutter and take away from the beauty of your pride and joy.


5. Highlight your amenities.

What makes your ski boat better than another ski boat? Show off the custom stereo, the custom bunks for the kids, and anything else that makes your boat unique. Adding extras along with your boat is a sure-fire way to make your boat a hot commodity and a great experience!


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