7 Must-Dos While Visiting Houston, Texas

Written by Mariah Hoefle
January 10, 2019

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Everything’s big in Texas, and Houston is no exception. With a diverse culture and a wide choice of experiences, Houston can easily serve as your one-stop shop for fun, excitement, and intrigue. Here are seven things you’d be remiss to miss.

Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem

Bridge the gap between your memories, your studies in school and the real experience with a trip to NASA’s Space Center. How would it feel to actually see a real, full-sized rocket, the same kind that traveled out of this world to where no man has gone before? How about getting to take a gander at a real rock brought back from outer space? There’s nothing like when science overtakes science fiction, and Houston is the mother of the space exploration journey.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Dinosaurs don’t get any bigger than this. Houston’s Museum of Natural Science boasts the biggest dinosaur hall in North America. Once you’re in complete awe by the ancient beasts, take a look at their collection of rare gems and any of the other fascinating exhibits.

Cruise the Houston Lakes

The perks of Houston combines everything you’re looking for, whether it is quality fishing, watersports, family boating, or even a vibrant city! An hour’s drive to Galveston bay offers many opportunities to get out on the water and fish for just about everything inshore fishing has to offer.

The Cockrell Butterfly Center

If entomology is your thing—or even if you just like pretty stuff—swing on over to the Cockrell Butterfly Center. With hundreds of species of flying friends, both alive and preserved, there is nothing quite like it. To top it off, the experience is interactive, so everyone can get fully involved as their horizons are expanded.

Houston City Lights Tour

The natural world is nearly matched by the man-made beauty of Houston at night. On the Houston City Lights Tour, you get to take in the glitter and glam of this amazing city in 90 minutes of wow. You will pass Market Square, Buffalo Bayou, the Historic District, and other Houston hot spots.

Wanna Get Away? Prison Break Escape Room

Imagine you’ve been convicted of a crime you did not commit. You’re locked up, and there’s no way out. Or is there? Experience what it’s like to bust out of the big house in the Prison Break Escape Room. The warden may be after you. Time is not on your side. Can you escape? This is a fun, safe activity for any group of friends, young or old!

Grab Some Culture: Museum of Fine Arts

The Houston Museum of Fine Arts boasts a great mix of international and domestic works of art. You will stimulate your sense by the vast range of exhibits and forms of art that expand hundreds of years of the finest in human expression.

Houston is a vibrant place with multi-dimensional charm. With these seven activities, you are bound to walk away—or boat away—feeling satisfied that you did Houston, and did it big.

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