What Is a Jet Boat?

Jet Boat Basics – What Is a Jet Boat?

Written by Chuck Warren
October 27, 2022

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In the last decade, the marine industry has incurred a lot of great technology, especially in marine propulsion systems (the machinery pushing the boat forward).

Jet boats carrying jet-drive propulsion systems, have been around for a while but were recently readapted to befit in ski boats and smaller cruisers. What does this mean? More fun on the water for you.

Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary marine machinery.

How Do Jet Boats Work?

Jet Boat With Inboard Engine.

Similar to the jet ski, jet boats take in water, then use an impeller driven by the inboard engine to force a high-pressure jet of water out through a “nozzle” at the back of the boat. The nozzle swivels from side to side, providing the ability to direct the high-pressure flow of water and turn the boat.

Benefits of Jet Boats

Jet boats have some major advantages over traditional propeller-driven vessels. Check out the benefits of cruising on a jet boat below:

  • The impeller is housed in a tube, making it well-protected from rocks and other obstructions.
  • Jet boats need much less water to operate in, making them great for shallow areas.
  • The biggest problem owners often face is an impeller clogged with weeds.
  • Jet boats work well in cold weather. You can boat without worry throughout winter.

First-time boaters have the benefit of peace of mind while learning to cruise, with jet boats.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Jet Boat.

Before cruising on a jet boat, you should know the following:

  • Jet boat engines may take up more space, reducing seating capacity.
  • Jet boats often operate at higher RPMs, which means they consume more fuel.
  • Jet boats are noisier than other boat types.

Here’s a quick Pro Tip before you go: For the best water skiing or wakeboarding experience, use a jet boat!

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