What is Blue Friday?

Written by Boatsetter Team
November 18, 2022

blue friday

Blue Friday is Boatsetter’s annual sales event. This year we give boaters and/or water devotees 10% OFF their next boat trip by using promo code: BLUE10. It begins on November 21st and lasts until November 30. 

If you’re interested in getting on travel promotions during this sales season, Blue Friday is your safe splurge. Book now and redeem, or continue reading to learn more about our limited-time offer. 

  • Blue Friday established
  • How it works
  • Any catches? 

Apply BLUE10 at checkout— Happy Blue Friday!


Blue Friday established 

Unlike most holidays, on Blue Friday, you SAVE money by participating. Our mission is actually a challenge: how can we facilitate boating experiences, or on-water travel, for people who don’t own a boat? 

Blue Friday, that’s how. 

In 2020, we began an annual sales event wherein anyone can use our special promo code to mark down the price of their sunset cruise, lake day, or fishing trip by 10%— for a limited time. 

On Valentine’s Day, you get the opportunity to give your true love, or life partner, heart-shaped Reeses; on Blue Friday, you get the opportunity to give your inner adventurer a whole and blue world.  


How it works 

How Blue Friday works is probably one of the best things about this event. There are no long lines, raffles, or membership requirements; nothing to it at all other than wanting to go boating! 

Just hop online and find the on-water trip you want to make. You can base your search on where you are, like searching for boat rentals in Fort Lauderdale, New York City, or San Diego

You can also base your search on specific water destinations, like Lake Lanier, Lake Tahoe, or the Chesapeake Bay. Or base your search on experience. Want to hop on a pontoon? Go wakeboarding? Go on a leisurely cruise? 

Think about it (Pro Boatsetter Tip): If you don’t want to leave your fireplace— screen or otherwise— you can set your trip for a future date and still get your discount. Yup, that’s right. Next summer’s trip gets 10% OFF… 


Any catches to this deal?

How you get 10% OFF is simple, quite obvious, and safe, by USING it. The important part is to copy and paste the promo code BLUE10 at checkout and, book before midnight EST, November 30th, 2022 deadline. 

Don’t miss out on saving on traveling and exploring our waters.


Haven’t heard of us? 

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