World Water Day 2023.

5 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day 2023

Written by Boatsetter Team
April 28, 2023

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As humans, we have a unique connection to water and a responsibility to preserve our waterways. Especially boaters! World Water Day is the perfect time to celebrate freshwater and take action to protect one of our planet’s most valuable resources. We created a quick list of five meaningful ways to celebrate World Water Day 2023 and play your part in protecting the environment.

  1. Volunteer for Beach Cleanup
  2. Host a Fundraising Event
  3. Volunteer for a Citizen Science Project
  4. Volunteer at Your Local Water Conservation Organization
  5. Raise Awareness by Sharing World Water Day 2023 on Social Media

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What is World Water Day?

The United Nations created World Water Day in 1993 as an annual celebration meant to raise awareness about the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Celebrated every year on March 22nd, World Water Day is a designated time for people to come together, recognize the role freshwater plays in our lives, and educate people on how to practice sustainable management.

Why is World Water Day important?

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. 3% of that water is freshwater. And of that 3%, less than 1% is considered easily accessible for human use. Tapping into freshwater resources is not the same as managing and preserving them. World Water Day is important because it raises awareness of the truth about our world’s freshwater supply.

1. Volunteer for Beach Cleanup

Beach cleanup.

Join a local freshwater beach cleanup. Boatsetter will often put together really fun clean-ups that anyone can participate in.

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While our ocean beaches need protection, freshwater beaches are often overlooked. Make a difference by removing trash and debris from the shorelines of your local rivers, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of freshwater. You can host your own cleanup within your community or join a local organization’s initiative. Cleanups help protect marine life and the quality of the water itself.

2. Host a fundraising event

Raising funds for water-related causes is an excellent World Water Day activity. Host a fundraising event like a boat party, boat parade, water sports tournament, charity fishing tournament, or water conservation auction, and donate the proceeds to a water conservation organization. To name a few, here are water conversation organizations you can join:

You can also create a crowdfunding campaign online to increase your reach and raise awareness. Include a description that educates people about World Water Day and how they can contribute to preserving freshwater.

3. Volunteer for a citizen science project

Water testing.

Citizen Science Projects involve the public in scientific research and monitoring. This allows individuals to contribute scientific knowledge to conservation efforts. So, if you’re passionate about science and the environment, this is a great way to celebrate World Water Day!

You can measure water temperature, monitor pH levels, test for pollutants, or identify invasive species. All of these measures are a great way to contribute to water conservation.

4. Volunteer at your local water conservation organization

Many organizations dedicated to water conservation and management rely on volunteers to carry out their missions. Volunteering with your local water conservation organization for World Water Day can make a difference in your local community and learn more about water-related issues.

You can participate by carrying out some of the activities mentioned in the last section. In addition, you can plant trees and other vegetation along waterways to help absorb carbon dioxide, bacteria, metals, and other harmful chemicals in the water.

This will improve the water quality for fish and other aquatic life. You can also help your local water conservation organization by distributing educational materials and information to the public about the importance of water conservation.

5. Share about World Water Day 2023 on social media

Boatsetter Cleanup 2023_2

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness and inspiring action! Share World Water Day and World Water Day 2023 posts, infographics, and images on your social media accounts to help spread the word: not only about the holiday itself but about the importance of freshwater and the need for sustainable water management practices.

You can also share your personal experiences related to water conservation – like your World Water Day activities and how you took action to protect the environment – to inspire others to do the same.

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World Water Day is the perfect opportunity for the boating community to do their part and get involved. Water plays a special role in our lives, so we must protect it and empower others to do the same.

If you want to celebrate by getting on the water, Boatsetter has you covered with a variety of green options including electric boat rentals! Let’s come together and make a difference for World Water Day 2023.

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