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Backcountry & Flats Fishing/Eco Charlotte Harbor

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Great Fishing Options in Englewood

Englewood lies between the two counties of Charlotte and Sarasota along Florida's Gulf Coast. Englewood's uncrowded beach is wide and it has some convenient amenities. Just south, you'll find Blind Pass Park, an ideal place for shelling and for finding sharks' teeth.

Fishing in Englewood is incredible when you go out on a fishing boat. Take an eco-tour of Lemon Bay. You'll almost certainly see dolphins, manatees, and so many other kinds of wildlife.

Fishing in Englewood

Start your journey on your Englewood fishing charter at Blind Pass Park.

Blind Pass Park

Blind Pass Park is a very good place to find all kinds of spectacular shells. Blind Pass, also known as Middle Beach, offers Gulf-to-bay access with thousands of feet of beach frontage. Across the road on the bay, there is a nature trail through the mangrove forest and a convenient fishing dock.

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Manasota Key

Manasota Key is on the barrier island where the Englewood beaches are. All Gulf beaches up to the high water mark have public access except at Stump Pass State Park on the south end, Charlotte County Park, Sarasota County Park, and Manasota Beach Sarasota County Park. Once you get on the beach you have thirty miles to fish wherever you want.

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Fish the Wrecks

Try your luck at catching amberjack, cobia, or barracuda. Englewood has all kinds of submerged wrecks just offshore that provide great habitat for these types of fish and so many others.

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Best Places to Fish in Englewood

These are some of the best fishing locations in Englewood.

Charlotte Harbor

Charlotte Harbor is the second-largest harbor on the Gulf of Mexico after Tampa Bay. It extends up the Myakka River, the Peace River, the Caloosahatchee River down beyond Fort Myers and out to Sanibel Island and up along the Barrier Islands. Charlotte Harbor is long and broad with plenty of wading birds to show you where the fish are swimming.

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Lemon Bay

Lemon Bay extends about thirty miles from Sarasota County Park down to the Gasparilla Swing Bridge at the south end. The Intracoastal Waterway extends its full length and is well marked to keep boats in the channel. Lemon Bay, as an extension of Charlotte Harbor, has over 250 different species of finfish that you can catch.

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Turtle Bay

Take your Englewood fishing charter to Turtle Bay, which is usually loaded with fish and sometimes very choppy waters. Fishing here near the mangroves can be rewarding, but don't forget a big can of bug spray.

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How to Fish in Englewood, Florida

If you charter a fishing boat in Englewood, pay attention to these three tips as you are getting started.


Freshwater Fishing

Largemouth bass can be found in the rivers, creeks, ponds, and canals. Be sure to check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website to see if you need a license for bass fishing. The FWC Law Enforcement Officers have the same authority as State Troopers to enforce all the fishing regulations in the area.


Fishing Gear

The simplest and most straightforward way to get the right gear is to go to a tackle shop and ask. This is not going to be the cheapest option, but there is a good chance you will be able to talk with a person who actually knows something about fishing in the area.


Speak to the Locals

Another option is to spend time where locals are catching fish. They may vary in terms of friendliness, so you might want to simply observe what they are using. Most anglers use medium weight spinning gear with twenty-pound test lines, and most of them will be using bait like live shrimp.

Types of Fish in Englewood

These are just a few of the most common types of fish you might catch on your Englewood fishing trip.

Black Drum

The black drum is a silvery-gray, bottom-dwelling fish that swims around the Englewood waters from spring through autumn. It is one of the largest fish you are likely to find in the area.

Gulf Flounder

The Gulf flounder is a flat and narrow fish that swims on its side. It has two eyes on one of the sides that look upward when swimming. Be careful of the sharp teeth on these fish.

Spotted Seatrout

Although these fish are sometimes caught by commercial gillnetters, they are also popular recreational catches. Seatrout often live in estuaries and they may sometimes be exposed to water pollution from runoff and coastal development.

Top Types of Fishing in Englewood, Florida

Here are three of the top types of fishing you might want to try.

Fishing from the Boat

Drop anchor from your Englewood fishing charter near any of the shores and spend some time fishing the warm waters for sheepshead and mullet.

Bay and Harbor Fishing

Overall, bay and harbor areas are best for sport fish like snook, redfish, sea trout and other species which have strict limits, and may even be out of season. If you want to stock up on fish, the Gulf area is the best place to go.

Fish the Limestone Holes

White grunt and other reef fish can be found down in the bottom in limestone holes. Spanish mackerel are also abundant Gulf fish but are not as much bottom feeders, so they are usually caught near the surface on a small silver spoon rigged with a wire leader. They are excellent fighters and can bite through your fishing line pretty easily.

Englewood, Florida Fishing Seasons

If you charter a boat in Englewood, here is what to expect during each month of the year.



January's water temperatures are cold, but it can be a good month to try and catch snook and trout.



February is suitable for catching black drum and sheepshead, or trout and flounder if the water is cooler.



March is the start of the tarpon season. These fish can often be found around some of the bridges and other structures in the Englewood area.



During the spring and summer, tuna, wahoo, and marlin can be found in the deeper Gulf waters.



There are often big schools of tarpon off the beaches of Englewood during May.



During June, look for schools of bonito, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, and cobia.



Fish from shore, on piers, wade, or take the boat out. Kayak fishing can be especially popular during the hot weather.



August is one of the best months for pontoon or deck boats so that you can picnic, party, and fish.



The offshore bottom fishing is good on a V-hull bay or offshore center console boat during September.



In October, you are likely to see some sharks off the coast, so be aware of what you have to do if you happen to hook one.



This is a great month to catch snook, trout, and redfish on the flats.



Redfish can be some of the biggest and most spectacular catches this month.

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