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Hop Aboard Fishing Charter in Jupiter

Jupiter is built on a hill overlooking the Loxahatchee River, where the red 1860 Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a preserved pioneer-era homestead and a special museum devoted to regional history. Use the playgrounds and tennis courts of Carlin Park, and remember that Jupiter Beach is a good place to launch fishing charters.

Cruise the waters on your Jupiter fishing charter and enjoy the incredible weather of southeastern Florida.

Fishing in Jupiter

Here are three of the best fishing spots in Jupiter.

The Atlantic Ocean

If you are looking forward to some of the best ocean fishing in Florida, you won't be disappointed here. You can expect to catch cobia, kingfish, sailfish, and tarpon and more on your Jupiter fishing charter.

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Juno Beach Pier

Snapper fishing remains very good in deep water from the Juno Beach Pier to Jupiter Inlet. You should encounter a nice mixture of mutton, yellowtail, and mangrove snapper, as well as a few cobia.

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Loxahatchee River

The Loxahatchee River Watershed offers a wide variety of habitats and is home to many rare and endangered species, like manatee and stork. The most popular fish species found here are snook, Jack Crevalle, and largemouth bass.

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Best Places to Fish in Jupiter

A Jupiter fishing charter also gives you the chance to explore some of the lakes and rivers in the area.

Jupiter Inlet

Take all the fish species from the Loxahatchee River, add them to the Intracoastal Waterway's species, and combine those with the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a good description of Jupiter Inlet, one of Florida's busiest waterways and the reason why Jupiter is sometimes called the Snook Capital of Florida.

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Jetty Fishing

Large schools of snook and redfish attract anglers to both the northern and southern jetties. Once you try the jetties, you’ll see why this area is one of Florida’s most beloved sport fisheries.

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Reef and Wreck Fishing

Sail your Jupiter fishing charter out to the many reefs and wrecks off the coast. Look for mutton, yellowtail, pompano, and grouper, as well as barracuda and kingfish higher up in the water.

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How to Fish in Jupiter, Florida

Here are a few ways to get started on your Jupiter fishing charter.


Special Licenses

Explore the Loxahatchee River on your Jupiter fishing charter. If you are trying to catch a freshwater species, make sure you get that type of license so that you know the regulations about which fish you can keep.


Get the Gear

Think about the type of fishing gear that you will need for your trip on your Jupiter fishing charter. Make sure you check first whether your boat comes with fishing gear included or not, since all of our fishing boats come with different amenities.


Night Fishing

If you plan to do some night fishing, take a blue water fishing trip all the way to the Bahamas and back. This 120-mile round trip will allow you to troll for fish like blue and white marlin, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo.

Types of Fish in Jupiter

These are a few of the fish you can catch on your fishing trip to Jupiter.


A barracuda is a large, predatory ray-finned fish with a fearsome appearance that can often be found off the Atlantic Coast.


This is the generic name for several deepwater bottom-dwellers. Red grouper and gag grouper are most popular with anglers. During the cooler months, they can be caught in shallow water by trolling artificial lures.

Blackfin Tuna

Tuna fishing in Fort Myers is best achieved with live bait which attracts the sharp-eyed fish.

Top Types of Fishing in Jupiter, Florida

Here are some different kinds of fishing you can do when you charter a fishing boat in Jupiter.

Casting for Snook

Some local anglers swear by live bait for snook fishing, but artificial lures are also becoming more popular. Whichever option you go for, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice your snook fishing technique in Jupiter. Just try fishing around the local bridges, jetties, and docks.

Spearfishing for Hogfish

If you are looking for something different, dive under the water and explore the reefs. Spearfishing can get you shooting at grouper and snapper, as well as hogfish, one of the strangest looking fish in the ocean.

Kite Fishing for Sailfish

Kite fishing is a good way of imitating a flying fish skipping across the water. Sailfish tend to come very near to the shore in the Jupiter area. As long as the weather cooperates, this can be an incredibly effective and enjoyable fishing technique.

Jupiter, Florida Fishing Seasons

Here are some of the conditions you can expect from month to month in Jupiter.



You can still get some decent fishing done during the Florida winter. Sailfish tend to bite really well in the deeper waters.



Drop anchor from your Jupiter fishing charter into some of the deeper areas and keep trying to hook one of those sailfish.



The temperatures on land and sea slowly start rising in March and mahi-mahi start to appear in the Jupiter waters.



The Jupiter Inlet is a great place to try and catch marlin, mahi-mahi, and wahoo during April.



The weather in Jupiter starts getting predictable, with clear mornings and possible afternoon rains. Look for large schools of kingfish offshore.



Summer days in Jupiter are perfect for fishing. It is a great time to try for bonito off the coast.



You can catch so many types of fish offshore and in the rivers in the warm July water.



Get out on the water early, before daybreak. Keep in mind that big kingfish often swim in the shallower waters.



Mangrove snapper can often be found offshore among the reefs and wrecks.



The weather cools down a little in October and you have a good chance of seeing some sailfish in the waters.



Sailfishing really starts getting spectacular during November in Jupiter.



Temperatures are cooler in the mornings and evenings, but late afternoon catches of blackfin tuna are possible at this time of year.

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