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Memorable Marco Island Fishing Charters

Marco Island offers some of the best year-round game fishing in the world. Surrounded by bodies of water with the 10,000 Islands to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, Marco Island is in southwest Florida just 10 miles south of Naples and 85 miles north of Key West.

The shallow waters are full of redfish, tarpon, snook, and sea trout. In the deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you can expect to catch grouper, snapper, shark, and cobia from your Marco Island fishing charter.

Fishing in Marco Island

Here are three of the most popular places to dock your boat and fish from the beach in Marco Island.

South End

There are several beach access points on Marco Island if you are not staying in a hotel or condo on the water. The south end walkway is between the Apollo condos and Cape Marco.

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Mid Island

This access point can be found at Maple Avenue between the Madeira condo and the Royal Seafarer.

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North End

The north end walkway is the most convenient one to reach from the water because it can easily be found in the Tigertail Beach area.

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Best Places to Fish in Marco Island

Sail your Marco Island fishing charter to all of these top fishing spots to catch tarpon, mackerel, cobia, bass, snapper, redfish, and even some sharks.

Beach Fishing

There are all kinds of techniques you can use. One of the easiest and most productive techniques is casting a bucktail jig. Try a jig with a small piece of shrimp. Cast deep away from shore and retrieve the line slowly. Jigging off the bottom can produce pompano, sea trout, and sheepshead.

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Fly Fishing the Ten Thousand Islands

Sail your Marco Island fishing charter to the grass flats of the Ten Thousand Islands. Place your fly under the roots and try for snook or redfish. This is probably some of the most difficult fishing but it can be very rewarding.

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Fishing from the Boat

You can easily drop anchor and fish straight from your Marco Island fishing charter. The waters here are warm and shallow with so many different kinds of fish. Because of the depth, the waters can get a little choppy when the winds are strong from the west. But winds usually prevail from the east for calm conditions most of the year.

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How to Fish in Marco Island, Florida

Fishing is best in the early mornings when the sun is low in the sky. When you charter a boat in Marco Island, here are some of the most important fishing options to consider.


Fishing Style

Your fishing style will affect the kind of bait and tackle that you need to get, as well as the other type of equipment you should bring with you out on the water. Fishing can be great fun for the family, but make sure you are well prepared. If the kids need to stretch their legs, simply drop anchor at a barrier island to find that one of a kind shell.


Fishing Areas

Choose the area that suits your style of fishing the best. Enjoy the hotels and condos of the Marco Island skyline in the distance as you fish along the calm waters and ride the gentle waves.


Special Regulations

Make sure to check if there are any special regulations for operating a fishing boat in Marco Island. One example of this might be a limit on where gasoline motors can be used in the area.

Types of Fish in Marco Island

If you have decided on a Marco Island fishing trip, there are so many interesting species of fish you can catch.


Cobia are known as large, long fish with a dark stripe along the sides of the body. They can sometimes be found in the calm and shallow waters of Marco Island from spring until the end of autumn.


Redfish can usually be caught on light tackle so they are good targets for amateur anglers. Redfish are often bottom feeders (their mouths are pointed down) who generally eat small crabs and shrimp.


Snook like living amongst mangroves, bridges, rock outcrops, sandbars, grass flats, wrecks, or jetties. They are ambush feeders that wait for fish and crustaceans to pass by before pouncing on them.

Top Types of Fishing in Marco Island, Florida

When you charter a fishing boat in Marco Island, there are so many options for the types of fishing you can do.

Offshore Fishing

If you enjoy fishing in deeper waters, sail offshore to some of Marco Island's wrecks or artificial reefs. Catch that game fish that fights so well or the large grouper and snapper that might become your dinner.

Backwater Fishing

Relax and fish among the shallow shores of the 10,000 Islands. These peaceful waters are full of game fish like snook, tarpon, and redfish. The backwaters require a little casting of either live or artificial baits around the mangroves and sandy beaches, which can be a great adventure for the whole family.

Open Waters

As you fish the shallows, you can see dolphins, West Indies manatee and all kinds of different land and sea birds. Stop off on one of Marco Island’s barrier island beaches to look for shells or swim in the warm water.

Marco Island, Florida Fishing Seasons

Because Marco Island has such an amazing climate, fishing is a popular outdoor activity all year.



Bottom fishing for snook or redfish is a rewarding activity when you sail your fishing charter around the barrier islands.



During February, bottom fishing for snook or redfish is still very popular in plenty of locations off the coast.



Marco Island's waters get warmer and all kinds of tropical species can be found swimming around in March.



A few of the most common catches off Marco Island during the month of April can be king mackerel and cobia.



If you plan to do some offshore fishing, May is the best time to try for some trophy catches like sailfish.



Anchor your fishing charter off the coast, drop a few lines into the water, and enjoy the incredible June weather on your boat.



It is often a good idea to try fishing for red snappers and tarpon from your Marco Island fishing charter during July.



Pelagic fish like snappers and groupers can usually be found swimming off the coast of Marco Island in August.



The water temperatures around the island cool down a little, but lots of pelagic fish can still be found two or three miles from the shore.



October is a good time to sail the waters on your Marco Island fishing charter and try out trolling behind the boat.



November is another good time of year for some bottom fishing again, straight from your Marco Island fishing charter.



Although temperatures can get a little chilly, midday fishing trips can still be really fun during December.

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