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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

<span>Cabo San Lucas, which is known by that locals as, “Cabo” is located just south of Baja California. Being one of Mexico’s top 5 tourist destinations, its beaches are always milling with tourists and locals but with the right&nbsp;<br></span>Cabo San Lucas boat rental, you can get away from the crowds and hit the water in style. This world-famous resort city is best known for its several landmarks, sandy beaches, and serene Balnearios - seaside spas and resorts that also offer exquisite cuisine, various sport and recreational activities, and small boutiques for quick shopping sprees. The best thing about Cabo is that you can visit this destination year-round, no matter the season.



Visit the Arch of Cabo San Lucas on Land’s End

The natural rock formation called El Arco is a place where the Pacific Ocean meets its end and becomes the Gulf of California. You have the opportunity to visit and bask in the sun on the 115 million-year-old rocks that formed the three-story-tall arches. Majestic, isn’t it? You can even recognize this spot from all the commercials about Cabo since it’s one of the most important landmarks here. You can observe these arches from a totally different perspective by renting a boat in Cabo San Lucas. Choose one with a captain, or without, but don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunset from a boat, with a picture-perfect backdrop like the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

Lovers’ Beach

Playa del Amor is a tourist spot only accessible by a boat. Make a day trip out of it and rent a boat so that you can visit all the popular spots for diving, pass by the Arch of Cabo, and dock up at the Lovers’ Beach. Boat tours are popular here, but if you rent a private boat, you can snorkel and dive on the Sea of Cortez side. The Pacific side is dangerous for swimming and snorkeling so you should steer clear. Another perk of having your own Cabo boat rental is the fact that after 3-4 PM, there aren’t many boats who can take you back. This way you can explore the beach when it’s less crowded and have it all by yourself. It’s Lovers’ Beach after all so feel free to spend some romantic time with your partner and watch the stars from the boat.

Find solitude at Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach offers amazing snorkeling opportunities and a variety of marine life that you can watch (and chase around). It has plenty of shallows, so it’s great for families with kids. But, since Chileno Beach is a popular destination that gets crowded from the people who visit it by car or by buses, you can outsmart them and drop anchor nearby with your Cabo San Lucas boat rental. Visit Chileno with your rented boat and there’s no need to scour the beach for a spot to throw the towel when you can always work on your tan on the deck. It’s a secluded beach without many facilities, so we advise you to bring snacks and drinks aboard the boat.

Perch at the Pelican Rock

Pelican Rock is a remote area accessible only by a boat, and it’s protected because it has plenty of wildlife beneath the surface, as well as above it. Pelican Rock is great for swimming, enjoying the beach, exploring the nature that surrounds it, but first and foremost, it’s perfect for snorkeling. You can swim with the turtles, explore the reefs, and observe a variety of colorful marine life. Go before 10 am if you want to revel in the serenity without the crowds. You can also spend the night on a boat, watch the sunrise, and get an early start. When you are done exploring and snorkeling, you can always head out to the Medano beach nearby.

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