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Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, the jewel of Mayan culture that shines through every corner of this exotic city, is located on Yucatan Peninsula and surrounded by the marvelous Carribean sea. With tropical weather, warm crystal clear waters, and soft coral beaches, it's a paradise on Earth for those in need of a vacation. The city is composed of two entirely different areas: the more traditional one, El Centro, and Zona Hotelera, the urban beachfront strip with hotels, restaurants, clubs and everything else you could wish for. These different parts of the city allow everyone to find precisely what they hoped for on their vacation.



Cruise in Luxury and Comfort

One of the best ways to explore the beauty of the Carribean sea is to rent a boat in Cancun Mexico and go cruising around. The boats available for renting are as comfortable and luxurious as you could imagine, with up to 5 bedrooms, jacuzzis, kitchens, and even fully-stocked bars. The full crew is there for whatever you may need, and if the surface of the sea isn't enough for you, there is snorkeling equipment available so you can explore the underwater world as well. The options are almost endless with these glamorous yachts, so there is no doubt that all of your vacation dreams will be fulfilled.

Visit Isla Mujeres and Hang with the Turtles

Another gem on the Caribbean, Isla Mujeres, is a picture-perfect location that should be on your list. Isla Mujeres is most famous for its white sandy beaches, incredible restaurants, and shopping options. If, however, you would like to see something more authentic, you can visit the Mayan Temple at Punta Sur, on the southern tip of the island as well as the famous lighthouse. Isla Mujeres is also renowned for whale sharks that migrate through the Caribbean every summer, which you can spot and observe from your boat rental.

Enjoy a Perfect Meal On a Boat

Mexican cuisine is famous around the world for its exotic and spicy flavor that you can't get enough of. Just hearing the words like enchiladas, tostadas, and tacos al pastor makes your mouth water, doesn't it? With a boat rental in Cancun, you can get all of these flavors while enjoying the tropical atmosphere. But finding the perfect meal on the coast can sometimes be overwhelming due to so many options, so why wouldn't you enjoy your meal on the boat, with the menu you picked and some of the greatest chefs around preparing it just for you.

Catch Spectacular Fish Specimens

As you already know, one of the most renowned underwater treasures is a whale shark that always attracts many fish lovers. However, Cancun has a fantastic variety of fish that some might not even be aware of. The most popular fish are sawfish, bonito, snapper, and kingfish. If you are a lover of these underwater creatures, a visit to Cancun is a must. With boat renting in Cancun you can not only go fishing with the best possible equipment but also learn from the fishing instructors and return home with more knowledge and the most excellent catch.

Go Sightseeing Along the Zona Hotelera

For those who prefer the more urban part of Cancun, Zona Hotelera is the place to be. Filled with everything from relaxing sandy beaches to all-inclusive resorts and international restaurants, it's as magnificent as you’d imagine. With the beauty of modern architecture and flashing lights, it's one of the most beautiful places to see, but imagine seeing all that from the sea. With a boat rental in Cancun, you can have your private sightseeing tours of this marvelous coast without the bustling crowds. You can even get sailing lessons which will make your experience unforgettable.