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Edgewater, MD

Everyone heads to Edgewater for one main reason and that’s to enjoy some boating! Despite being in close proximity to major cities like Washington D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis, Edgewater, Maryland manages to have its own unique identity. This small town is a great weekend getaway for those within the DC Metro area looking to escape the hustle of the nation’s capital and get a little rest and relaxation. The area is packed with great activities from boating and fishing to doing a little stroll along the seaside.



Marinas and Yachting Facilities

As a primary port for many people from Annapolis and Washington D.C., you’ll find no shortage of public and private marina facilities. Liberty Marina is the local favorite is the largest by far in town. It offers all the modern amenities you’d expect from a marina including repair, fuel, and accessories. You can even enjoy a dock party there during high season. Other great options are Londontowne and Oak Grove Marinas. Although they aren’t quite as large, they are a little quieter making get in and out of them sometimes a bit simpler.

Chesapeake Bay

This is the main reason why people head to Edgewater. It’s one of the best places to charter a boat and head out on along the Chesapeake Bay. Whether you are coming from Annapolis or Washington D.C., it’s one of the best places to set off an adventure. Most people enjoy heading out towards some of the nearby islands like Kent and Poplar Islands.

Boating Activities

For most people, the waters of the Chesapeake area much too cold for swimming except for the highest months of summer. However, there are year-round activities you can enjoy. Of course, the number one choice is fishing where you can haul in cod and other fish. Many people also try their hand at shrimping and crabbing though that takes a little more skill and patience. The Chesapeake is also a fairly calm body of water so is a good place to enjoy personal watercraft like jet-skis. Finally, you can explore nearby islands or head up and down the along the bay to explore small town, inlets and the stunning natural scenery.

Nova Sushi & Asian Fusion

As you might imagine, since Edgewater has such great seafood, you can also get some amazing sushi here. It’s not what people typically expect when heading to a small town like Edgewater, but you’d be surprised. Nova’s award-winning chef has been putting together an ensemble menu features a delight of dishes that put fuse together Maryland-classics with an authentic Japanese flare. It’s truly a flavor explosion.

London Town and Gardens

Edgewater was home to one of the earliest American colonial settlements. At historic London Town and Gardens, you can take a trip back in time and get a glimpse of what America was like over two hundred years ago! There are gardens and historic buildings and even an 18th-century style tavern where you can hoist a pint or two! Best of all, it’s located right on the edge of the Bay.

Bella Sera

Bella Sera gives you a different taste of Italy than you’d expect. Focusing on Southern Italian cuisine and located nearby the bay, it offers up a balance between hardiness and flavor that is perfect to savor after a day of outdoor activities. They are well-known for the incredible antipasto platter which offers up a delicious array of meats and cheeses along with a wide variety of pizzas including Chicago style.

Beverly Beach

If you are in Edgewater during the summer months than there’s no place better to be than the beautiful Beverly Beach. The soft, powdery sands are a great place to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay. There are many activities available here including camping and fishing along with other amazing things you can do year-round even when it’s a little too chilly to swim!

Edgewater Restaurant

This local institution has been serving up delicious food since 1948 and somewhere you must go if you want to experience authentic Edgewater. Here you can, of course, enjoy seafood along with classic American cuisine, but no trip to Maryland would be complete without crab cakes. Edgewater Restaurant has their own secret recipe that most locals say cannot be beaten by anyone else!

Smithsonian Research Gardens

The Smithsonian Research Gardens are a must-stop for any nature or lover of outdoor activities. Here you can not only visit some truly beautiful gardens but also enjoy some great things to do such as enjoy guided or self-guided kayak and canoe trips. There are also walking trails and it hosts all kinds of events throughout the week so no matter when you go you are likely to stumble on something fun.

Chad’s BBQ

After a day out on the water and maybe having your fill of seafood, you might be ready for something a little different. Chad’s BBQ is a lowkey and relaxed spot to unwind and enjoy some great food. It’s the perfect hole-in-the-wall joint to enjoy classics like pulled pork sandwiches, whole racks of ribs and even some great wings. They even cater to events so you can have them assist you in hosting an amazing boat party!