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Mykonos, Greece

Known by locals as the “Island of the Winds,” beautiful Mykonos is the Greek island that stands out amongst the rest. Named after Apollo’s grandson, this ancient island is an amazing getaway for anyone looking to escape the mainland, head for the seas, and dip their toes into some crystal blue water. From exotic boat rentals that can take you out to the ancient islands of Delos and Rhenia, to Greece’s best seafood cuisine, a visit to Mykonos will leave you filled with the wonder of the sea while leaving you wanting more.



Sleep under the stars aboard a Boatsetter yacht

If a day or two out on the water isn’t enough you can always spend a night on the Aegean Sea in one of Boatsetter’s yachts. With yachts that can sleep more than ten people at a time, a fully-stocked kitchen, and only the finest beds for luxury and comfort renting a yacht for a few days to take out on the water is a great choice for any family gathering and business anniversary. The best part is, many of out yachts come with the option for on water activities such as water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, and electric sea scooters to make your Mykonos vacation an unforgettable experience for everyone aboard!

Hop aboard a boat and go snorkeling

With a luxury boat rental from Boatsetter, there’s really no end to what you can experience while drifting along the Aegean sea and ancient islands that surround Mykonos. You can hop aboard a Pershing 46 that’s loaded with snorkeling gear, bask in the sun, and witness all the beauty that lies beneath the surface of the sea. From Parrotfish to Rainbow Wrasses, you’ll be able to get an up-close look at some of the most colorful and exotic fish in the world, while exploring the open water and reefs that surround the Greek islands.

Take a boat tour of the ancient islands of Delos and Rhenia

After a little bit of rest, it’s time to hit the water again for a luxury cruise across the Aegean sea from the shores of Mykonos. With one of Boatsetter’s boats, you and your family and friends can travel in comfort and get all the treatment you would expect from a luxury cruise. With daily tours of the ancient islands of Delos and Rhenia and a fully-stocked cabin crew, you can leave your worries at home and let the magic of cruising along the water in style leave you breathless. Once you’ve reached the islands, you’ll be able to delight in the ancient wonder of the “Cycladic Sisters,” and be guided through the historic ruins of two of Greece’s oldest and most historic islands.

Visit the ancient theater at Delos

Once you’ve docked the boat and reach the ancient island of Delos, it’s time to start exploring. One of the most remarkable landmarks in Delos is the Temple of the Delians, which was founded in in 1476 by the Delian League. While only fragments of the temple, such as the base structure and columns remain today, it’s a wonderful testament of the ancient past. After seeing the temple, you’ll want to make your way to the theater and where the ancient Greeks used to put on plays and other dramatic performances. But that’s not all. Delos is also home to the Delos Synagogue, one of the most ancient synagogues in the world and this site should not be missed before heading back to the boat.

Enjoy a nice lunch on the boat and revel in the bliss

Now that you’ve seen the best that Delos and its surrounding islands have to offer, it’s time to relax and have a nice meal aboard your luxury boat. Compliment that with some fine Greek wine and some of Greece’s famous grapes and olives and your tastebuds will never stop loving you, for Mykonos is a place for those who love to wander. So, pack your bags and get ready to get lost in this island full of ancient splendor and endless sun.

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