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Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Jamaica, almost by virtue of its name alone, evokes the image of pristine clear waters and idyllic vacation. Ocho Rios or 'Ochi' is probably best known for its use in the very first James Bond film, in 1962. Originally a fishing village, Ocho Rios is a port town on the north coast of Jamaica with a cruise ship harbor and a busy bay beach that’s filled with exclusive hotels. Breathtaking rainforest, rivers, and waterfalls fill the parish of Saint Ann. With so much to do and see, it’s never a bad idea to rent a boat in Ocho Rios, and start your adventure across the water!



Explore the Wonders of the Deep

The Ocho Rios reefs are lush with flora and fauna and opportunities to see trumpetfish, angelfish, puffers, and dolphins that make the local area their habitat. There are also many secluded beaches for relaxation and coves that are only approachable from the sea, which provides fantastic snorkeling opportunities. By renting a boat, you take the adventure in your own hands, so enjoy exploring or cruising through different unique coves, secret beaches, enchanting waterways where you can enjoy the mesmerizing natural scenery. For a real taste of traditional delights, try getting some local spicy, smoked jerk meats, an authentic Jamaican delicacy.

Fisherman’s Delight

Waters near and offshore to Ocho Rios are great for fishing all year long. The best time to go out is from September until March where amateurs and serious anglers alike target everything from tuna to marlin and mahi-mahi. There are great fishing spots as close as 10 minutes away from the reefs with excellent fishing opportunities for fishermen of all levels of expertise. There are also quite a few annual fishing tournaments that are renowned. Alternatively, deep-sea fishing is prevalent among Jamaica's visitors.

Marine Life Up Close and Personal

Scuba diving in Ocho Rios is an experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon. Whether it’s exploring the underwater wrecks or challenging drift dives, there are some great dive sites all around like Harbor Reef and Draxall, Jamaica’s wall, Dickie’s Reef, Devil’s Reef, and more. Catherine Shipwreck is a great spot to see everything from barracuda to lionfish as well as stingrays and turtles. That said, any place is right to take a dive and enjoy the underwater wonderlands of northern Jamaica’s shores.

Swim with Dolphins and Stingrays

Ocho Rios is famous for splendid river tubing rides, and Dunn's River Falls Park, a natural climbable waterfall that attracts most of the tourists is no exception. There are also opportunities for swimming with dolphins, stingrays, and even tiger sharks in Dolphin’s Cove along with scenic routes to explore Fern Gully. With your Ocho Rios boat rental, you can go on your own private tours and swim with the amazing sea creatures without the hassle of the crowds!

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