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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If you’re dreaming of long, white sandy beaches and large coconut palm trees, then Punta Cana, east of Dominican Republic, is the perfect place for you. This is a fantastic location where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic. Punta Cana got its name by its cane palm-lined beaches. Combining the natural beauty and a variety of activities you can do here will make you want to stay longer and come back, time and time again and there’s no better way than to take your adventure to the next level than with a Punta Cana boat rental



Dive through the coral reefs

Punta Cana’s coastline is surrounded with amazingly clear waters. In the afternoon, these waters are much calmer, so it's a perfect time to explore the depths. If you are a diver, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to observe marine life in this bustling underwater adventure. Renting a boat in Punta Cana is the best way to find, approach, and discover the unique beauties of numerous coral reefs. There are also wrecks where you can see species like game fish, but also many larger ones like small sharks and rays. You might be lucky to hear the song of the humpback whale while diving in Punta Cana. And if you rent a boat with a captain, he will take you to the best spots for diving.

Dock up and meet nature’s piece of art

Having a private boat tour is something you must do while visiting Punta Cana. If you enjoy swimming and snorkeling, go to the Cabeza De Toro reef near Cape Engano. These are the best places with clear waters to visit during the tour. You can also see a wide array of marine life at these points. After that, explore the magical private beaches of Punta Cana. And if you get hungry, and love fresh seafood, you can cruise to the Kitchen Boat, a floating kitchen. After that, you can bask in the sunset, wade chest high in the blue Caribbean waters, and visit a floating bar with an ice-cold beverage in tow.

Sailing is the best way to explore the island

If you are having a vacation in Punta Cana and you love sailing, you will discover that there is much more to see here than resorts and fancy beaches. Take a chance to see the most beautiful bays of the east of the Dominican Republic. Renting a sailing boat in Punta Cana is the best way to see many amazing private coves where you can anchor and spend the night. Grab a drink, stock up on food, and sleep in the most tranquil bays surrounded by nature. When you rest, we advise you to go for a dive in Bayahibe or Catalina Island, both of which have a breathtaking underwater world.

Visit Saona island and admire the beauty

There is more to Punta Cana than you think. It’s not just a fancy resort, even though there are plenty of those you can visit while sailing around, and dock up. If you want to explore and go on thrilling expeditions, visit Saona Island. There you will have the chance to see iguanas, dolphins, sea turtles, and massive starfish. This island is also called the last untouched paradise in the Dominican Republic, so it should definitely be on your Punta Cana boat rental itinerary.

Enjoy solitary Punta Cana beaches

You can get a beautiful bronze tan on one of the best beaches in the world while enjoying rich, protected flora and fauna. You might even get the feeling that you have found a personal slice of paradise, with fantastic nature, tasty food, great places to shop and a fantastic, vibrant culture. If you get tired of crowded beaches, we recommend you discover a whole other dimension of Punta Cana. Don’t worry about the crowds, there are more than 20 miles of sandy beaches where you can find your peace, but only if you escape the resorts with a boat rental in Punta Cana. Meet the wilderness of the island and revel in marine life while exploring the island’s beautiful reefs. Get off the shore onto a boat and have a paradise vacation!

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