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Saint Tropez, France

Nowadays, the name Saint-Tropez is synonymous for glamour and luxury. Previously, a fishing village and a military stronghold, this town on the French Riviera was popularized in the 1950s when it was used as a set for the movie “And God Created Woman”. The characteristic Mediterranean temperatures averaging around 65°F, with the sparkling azure sea, golden beaches, splendid local culture, and history make this place a perfect vacation destination. Its charm lies in the fact that anyone can feel like a millionaire while they are there! Considering it's a coastal town, it's best to rent a boat in Saint-Tropez France to explore it by water and in style.



Discover local history

The best way to learn about the history of a city is to visit the remnants of past times, and Saint-Tropez has those in abundance. From the already mentioned Cap Camarat to Les Tours, the towers built to defend the coast and the port, along with the Citadel, make St. Tropez a city that treasures and cherishes its history. The Citadel’s former dungeons are now the home to the Museum of Maritime History. Near the harbor, you can find the Chapel of the Annunciation, with a remarkable assortment of paintings as a reminder of the city’s artistic past.

Visit Cap Camarat’s Lighthouse

If you’re up for a history lesson, you can dock up at the peninsula for a great view of the Cap Camarat Lighthouse which Napoleon used for defense against sea incoming vessels before it was was occupied by the Germans in the Second World War. Fortunately, the lighthouse was still in great shape when the government bought the area in 1977. Not only that, but it is also the second highest lighthouse in France, so the view from the water is truly amazing.

Explore Cap Camarat's Wildlife

Seeing as Cap Camarata is on the south-eastern point of Saint-Tropez, the easiest way to reach it is by boat. You can start with the Bonnes Terraces beach, swimming and sunbathing in this remote place. The astonishing azure waters provide a home for many picturesque sea creatures, as well as the perfect place to relax and enjoy your time away from home. From the boat, you can admire all of the wildlife that dots the shores and even get a glance at some of the area’s Hermann tortoises, the only native French tortoise species.

Experience the restaurants on the coast

French cuisine is so closely tied to their culture that, in 2010, it was put on the UNESCO’s world list of intangible cultural heritage. The city of Saint-Tropez has good restaurants in abundance, and there is a place to satisfy everyone’s culinary needs. Whether you prefer full-course meals, snacks, or pastries, you can find whatever you desire on Saint-Tropez’s magnificent coastline. Not only that, but the city is also famous in the culinary world for its 'Tarte Tropézienne', a simple cake named by Brigitte Bardot and brought to perfection by decades of practice. Just make sure to bring some home for the family!

Pamper yourself at Pampelonne Beach

Over 5km of white sands and azure sea await for you if you decide to visit the most famous beach of Saint-Tropez. If you want to spot a celebrity or hang with the locals, visiting this beach is the way to go especially considering the number of renowned beach clubs in the area. One of the most popular ones, Club 55, is a piece of Brigitte Bardot’s movie “And Then God Created Woman,” and is now visited by the locals, tourists and A-listers alike. So, if you want to relax and feel as if you're a celebrity, this beach is the place to go.

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